The manuals under this category can be viewed by section, or the entire manual for a particular model can be downloaded as a ZIP file. Choose the manual you. This site contains Nissan SX stock specs, basic information, factory service manuals, performance upgrade products, suspension Nissan SX – Manuals . t>ya i finaly got it that right click thing worked this is really nice thanks alot again I appreciate it.

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Please note the new posting rules to 204sx the automoderator and spam filter not catch your posts. Add any of the following tags below that may related to your post in brackets ex: If your post falls into multiple categories, just use the one that is most relevant.

This isn’t mandatory but will ensure your post makes it dsm the filters. Also note that the minimum account age to post is 24h. Use any of the model specific tags for single image posts or self posts that may not fall under the last 3 categories. This is a subreddit for sx enthusiasts and their rides.


Free Downloadable Factory Service Manuals (FSM)

Share your build with the community, post 240sz of your ride, and ask questions. You can even post up pictures and videos of any other S-chassis, it’s all welcome here.

And please remember, no hating. Everyone has their 240dx style be it for a track star or trailer queen, but again, it’s all welcome here. Only part I actually printed out was the engine section so I had torque specs readily on hand.

Anything else and I can just load the PDF on my phone or laptop. Everything is on Nico Club. So its gonna be a shitty day when you cover those in oil and have to go to staples to buy out the page protector aisle 240ssx be like me get the page protectors now and a binder lol.


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Free Downloadable Factory Service Manuals (FSM) –

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420sx Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. Want to add to the discussion? I am not sure where to find the body repair tho. I wouldn’t mind owning one.

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