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Naturally enough, for Joe claims he never has one.

It was on Sept. The powerful National Front party, which demand- ed the nationalisation of Iran’s oil Industry, promised workers that when the Government finally took over they would receive tbe wages lost under the Company In the present strikes.

Branstetter Hosts at Supper Party Mr. In apparent answer to some views of Postrws Douglas MacArthur and Congressional Republicans, Bradley coun- selled against the United States rashly serving an ultima- tum on the Chinese Communists, or threatening the bom- bardment of the Red Chinese mainland.

No 9 ‘de- psito del patio ; Alejandro 7: Try them for your baby next time he is fretful when cutting his teeth.

Shervonlck honorable mention Mrs. Werle no runs, one hit in 2 lnnlnes. This has ef- fecteds every side of Italian liv- ing. This is the very same man who called It a “police action” onlv eight bloody months ago Phone Panama or Cristobal 3- Apply Via Espaa No.

The Linux Programmer

Merlene Davidson defeated Miss Tobe Elv 5 is 4: This aid has covered everv branch of Italian industry, and in many cases has lupitz the only 1 reason why some firms have ‘ been able to keep operating. Frances Sharp; hnorable men- tion Mrs.


What happens if West doesn’t hold the queen of diamonds? But American observers here deflnltley do not feel that the United States automatically owes Spain all of this as retri- bution lor past policies against that nation. West took the ace and posrtes of diamonds and shifted back to clubs. In a six hour ser- Wee twice dailv links the two cities. The team scores for yesterday’s Dewar match follow.: Central ; Herllnda de Arlas, 15 O No.

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George Motta won from Cyril Taft on forfeit. Miss Joe Calogne, Mrs. Airlines statisticians hurried to calculate that his mileage In his years of flying would have taken him on five round trips to the moon.

Then came this para- graph: For its leaders were confused on our potres and, liv- ing next door to the Big Bear, were taking no chances on eventually being crewed up. Sat- urday night at 9: Mientras tanto, en los cam- pos petroleros del Sur de Irn, los obreros regresaron a sus trabajos con las cabezas venda- das, en vista que los comunis- tas los hablan amenazado con cortarles las orejas en caso que regresaran a sus trabajos.

They intend to return in about 10 days and spend a short while with us before returning to Flo- rida. In this letter he states quite clearly that our most Important front against Communism is the Far East, not Euroi i, and that he wants an all-out battle doaa this front. Bennett says, “he overdid It a bit thin- ning down.


Most of them were correspondents permanently sta- tioned In Washington. Its circulation Is based on calumny, on In- sult, on sensationalism and never on informa- tion.

Brown with Juan and young Juan his grandson as fresh and ch.: The reasons he did so are inherent in his character and outlook. On the statistical side ail Italy’s major steps forward are jindeniably due to Marshall Aid.

It is also a question over which there has been a great deal of political sniping and which, in brief, has gotten out of hand. The President apparently forgot his Bec’v of Defense George Marshall had, within the last month, told the Amrelcan people they were already,in a global war and fight- ing for their lives.

The mystery was solved when a Disney artist made a sheepish confession.

The Panama American

Dresser, decided to bank on a rookie, Don Thompson, in left in a switch, relegating Cal A- brams to the bench. Even the same two military leaders were Involved Elsen- hower and MacArthur. The Batory will return, with its Soviet agents and propaganda Nor is this confusion on policy limited to the wai. Bids close April 30th.

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