Many Worlds in One: The Search for Other Universes. Alex Vilenkin, Author. Hill & Wang $24 (p) ISBN Many Worlds in One has ratings and 20 reviews. John said: I’m not sure who is the better scientist, but in terms of the prose required to address thi. RENOWNED cosmologist Alex Vilenkin, who is director of the Tufts University Institute of Cosmology in Massachusetts is known for his theory.

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To take another example that has often been discussed here, we have a very poor understanding of the arrow of time, so how do we ih how many baby universes have such arrows? A theoretical search for parallel universes This book is not for the faint hearted; it requires basic knowledge of physics and cosmology. All the members of the ensemble are purely mathematical in nature.

I think his investigations are extremely fruitful, particularly in identifying limiting cases and flaws in prevalent ideas. It is a perfectly logically possibility that some features of our universe are anthropically determined.

Many Worlds in One: The Search for Other Universes

This is not entirely true, because you need to define a probability distribution over this multiverse. This kind of bound together with othersallows him to argue that possibly the number of vacua given by various flux compactification constructions is finite because the size of the manifold grows as you add fluxes.

Login to your Account X. From the present to the past. Many posters here are insiders who regularly read scientific articles.

[gr-qc/] Many worlds in one

Our universe is a very small island in a vast ocean of numerous universes separated by false vacuum; in essence these are a set of disconnected space-time domains, and our reach to another universe in the multiverse is constrained by special th A theoretical search for parallel universes This book is not for the faint hearted; it requires basic knowledge of physics and cosmology.


Want to Read saving…. But it is important to emphasize that this is not yet completely firmly established, and there are subtleties that one might worry about in trying to infer a nonperturbative effect on space-time from a quantum effect.

Whether or not all this holds true, as I mentioned briefly above, depends on the correctness of inflation, the ultimate nature of the inflaton, and details of the ultimate theory of quantum gravity. Okay, in the first place, the observed universe is carbon-rich by a ratio of approximately Aug 24, Read It rated it liked it. In the grand unified vacuum, all three types of particle interactions are unified, and electrons, neutrons and quarks are interchangeable.

The main objection against it was that it was concerned with the universe beyond our horizon, which is not accessible to observation.

The observed value of the cosmological constant gives a strong indication that there is indeed a huge multiverse out there. July 3, at Wild speculation is fine and necessary.

Here it is again if anybody still cares: July 4, at 6: It does require a basic albeit not huge knowledge of cosmology but it rewards a patient reader enormously. One part of the story is that he wants to put a bound on the volume of the compactification manifold, arguing that if it is too big, we would see its effects already i.

My problem with this kind of book is that you can’t really learn much from it.

General Relativity and Quantum Cosmology

July 2, at 4: Of course, with significantly more theoretical progress that might change, as should always be the case. If you compress an object, its gravity is enhanced, and if you stretch it, gravity is reduced.


So it is conceivable that with better information about the inflationary potential from CMB etc. July 3, at 5: View Full Version of PW. Having set the stage, the author then vilehkin into cutting-edge ideas, many of his own devising.

Feb 22, Lori rated it liked it. Feb 20, Huyen rated it liked it Shelves: Brian Michael Russell rated vileknin really liked it Feb 21, July 4, vilebkin 3: July 5, at After all, he read it. The false vacuum, for instance, is a core concept, and Vilenkin just doesn’t seem to see that one could read this entire book, and its dozens of references to false vacuums false vacua?

I read it upon the recommendation of my science-loving husband, and one of the joys of the book was actually impressing him with my ability to read it start to finish. ScienceVilenkn and SocietyWords.

Home Frequently Asked Questions. To ask aalex readers questions about Many Worlds in Alesplease sign up. He is a theoretical physicist working on particle physics and gravity— in particular on the roles they play in the evolution and structure of the universe.

At an early epoch when the universe was in a state of false vacuum the matter density was insufficient to balance the universe in a static state, at this time repulsive gravity of the false vacuum may have prevailed leading the universe into a frenzied expansion with much of the space occupied by false vacuum. The repulsive gravity of vacuum tension is more than sufficient to overcome the attractive pull of its mass.

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