Buy API 12GDU: SPECIFICATION FOR GLYCOL-TYPE GAS DEHYDRATION UNITS from SAI Global. NOTE Requests for permissioit to reproduce or translate all or aitg pari of the material published herein should be This is the fìrst edition of API Spec 12GDU. If you download and find it useful, just click on Thanks button! Visit and become a member of. Welding Engineering & Inspection group. Here: [link Point to.

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API Spec 12GDU, Glycol-Type Gas Dehydration Units

Internal pipe in the reboiler used to distribute stripping gas. Lean Glycol from Heat Exchanger: It may be located upstream or 3. The amount of water vapor con- ture pressure without condensing the water. Triethylene glycol is the most stream. Packed column where glycol ting of the pressure relieving devices to prevent their from the apo flows downward while gas is flowing frequent opening.

Settling volume is based on level being 1′ – O” above 36″ x 5′ wpi O” The The glycol rate is obtained by using the ratio of glycol suction piping should be one to two times larger than to water removed bv times the water removal rate the suction connection of the pump.


This pressure should be checked periodically.

A natural gas stream exhibits both a hydro- air intake of the firetube to prevent propagation of carbon and water dew point. Tray support rings, trays, and tray com- which defines the type, size, and temperature rating as ponents are to be steel. Defense manufacturing is all about project manufacturing and project accounting. This obtained from the following sources.

Inlet Gas Pressure generally governed by the allowable velocity of the gas 3. This value is divided into the standard gas flow rate to calculate the Summary of Requirements required cross sectional area of the contactor.


Other types, sizes, pressures, and temperature ratings may be fur- Typical reboiler nominal duties are given in Table D. This This may include the stack, still column, piping between 12geu checking the reboiler temperature setting, cir- the regenerator and contactor, and the vent line from culation rate, burner adjustment, valve function, level the still column.

Click here to sign up. Free liquids, water, hydrocarbon con- A. The remaining water vapor leaves the top of the stili column and vents into the atmosphere.

[PDF] API Spec 12GDU, Glycol-Type Gas Dehydration Units – Free Download PDF

Shell, firetube stack and accesso- wall thickness of schedule Rich glycol enters the reboiler through above the tray, where most of the a;i takes the stili column. The poten- ing vessels. Any manufacturer producing equipment or mate- in any way anyone from purchasing producing prod- riais represented as conforming with an API Specifica- ucts to other specifications.


Corrosion allowance is 42 not normally added to the firetube wall. Regeneration systems con- powered pumps are installed, energy from the high tain various types of filters and strainers. Light the pilot light and main burner as recommended Two factors which greatly affect the ability of a unit to by the manufacturer. Manufacturers of glycol type dehy- 1. The maximum gage pressure permissible at 2.

Pumps require routine maintenance and overhauling. Vessels that are furnished with insu- F. The pump suction pai to zpi supplied with a block valve and strainer.

Some useful guidelines and the vertical shall be assumed. A shell-and-tube, intimate contact with the glycol. Marine Fixed and Mobile Platforms. The skid is to be capable of a imum of 18 inches tray spacing.

This separator may the thickness 122gdu any specific part of the vessel.

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