I have forked the and added support for send and receive audio message from the mobile. By contrast, Appcelerator Titanium applications render the UI using the platform’s native controls. However, as we’ve seen with native iOS and Android’s different A series of tutorials are available to get you up to speed. ties: in this archive are configured the titanium’s routes, android and the google api, the api which is ;.

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It touches on the following apppcelerator. It return the application asset url. The following is an example of a platform-specific style that makes all Labels blue in iOS builds. Posted by Karthi Ponnusamy at This has no effect whatsoever on performance of the app.

Powered by Atlassian Confluence 5. The Appcelerator Platform will arm us with the visibility and agility to build, deliver and manage business critical mobile apps Rusty Bealer Bracket Read the Case Study. Next you’ll write code that creates a Collection from the model definition, creates a single book, and saves it to device storage.

You can download entire RatingBar module source code here https: This is the event object passed to the function that contains information about the selected item.

Titanium Building Native Apps with JavaScript

In order to see text, change the background to white for iOS only by adding the platform attribute to the container rule. If you titaniuj installed other AVDs, you can select one of those. It is basically non-info for a blog post and only relevant for SEO. New tutorials in this series will appear soon.


It will behave like a native window, and will look like a native window. There are two parts to this:. In other words, it takes as input an XML file and builds the View objects from it.

Hello Titanium App Tutorial

And when you encounter any problems while developing apps, you can always post your question on StackOverflow or join us on the community-run Slack channel all about Titanium. This creates input text fields where the user appcslerator enter the book title and author, and a button to add the new book to the collection. For more, you androir follow him on Medium and Twitter. This corresponds to the name of the collection we created before.

You can do this easily by checking if the iOS namespace exists. As you can see, the table is populated with the book from the collection. Same thing we can implement in Titanium Android module also. We can do this easily too!

Hello Titanium App Tutorial

We also add some padding between the two labels by Posted by Karthi Ponnusamy at 6: Titanium is a fully open source platform developed by a company called Appcelerator, which is now part of Axway. Unlike Android, iOS devices do not provide a physical back button for navigation. Select multiple images – Option to select multiple images from Gallery and fast scroll over the Gallery Maximum selection limit – Option to set maximum image selection limit Custom button title and error message – There is a option to customize button title and error message Method for scale down the bitmap – To avoid out of memory issue, this module has in build bitmap scale down method Callback methods – Success, error and cancel callback methods.


You can download entire module source code here https: The UI will contain two input text fields where the user enters the book title and author, and a “Add” button to update the books collection with the new data. By default, Android applications built with Titanium use the AppCompat theme, which uses a dark background with light text, while iOS defaults to black text and a black appceleartor. Just add the property title in the createWindow xppcelerator.

For iOS, use the toolbar at the bottom of the screen. On iOS, the application is stuck here. The initial launch of the Android emulator can be quite slow and Studio may timeout before it can install and launch the application.

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