Guruji maine kahi pe yauwan garbheeta apsara ke baare me suna hai par kahi bhi unki koi mantra ya sadhana ke bare me nahi mila, Me apsara sadhana karna . 26 फ़रवरी I promise you if you once seen an Apsara you will never forget her even after death. If you are in search of such divine beauty, then this article. Results 1 – 20 of 30 apsara sadhana. User Name Password Log in. Forgot Password? Register. apsara sadhana. This is a discussion on “apsara.

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Neel N July 22, at Somendra Pachole August 20, at 6: Ganesh is already worshipped by chanting his Mantra hence he need not be worshipped again.

Ur posts n blogs r quite amazing n d description of d procedures have been put in d most simplistic manner which in turn is very enlightening n gives us courage n willingness to perform them. I hope my questions are right, thankyou.

Abhishek March 2, at 1: Another warning is that the Apsara are divine energies. This kind of power and aura can be gained very easily through Apsara Sadhana.


This Apsara mantra is practiced for manifesting Tilotama Apsara. Hence, if they eat non veg food, then you cannot eat siddui home. Romin Bajracharya January 18, at 6: It is probable that the correct thoughts were not expressed. U should always do it in clean place and with clean mind and body.

Urvashi Apsara Mantra Sadhana

Raunak May 6, at You cannot just get her Darshan, fulfill your wish and let her go. Please suggest me that with out the help of those articles how can i accomplish the sadhana? I’m a person who has been in the fields of tantra for 10 years apsafa has done many sadhana’s.

Because she can bring you lots of Apsaras to have sex. I am a professional Astrologer. ShriRama and Hanuman Consciousness January 20, at 9: This is called the brahma muhurt.

There are hundreds of disciple receiving Deeksha from Guruji. Apsara Urvashi Shabar Mantra. Sir, do you or your Guruji have any such sidhi? Okay Sir,but jis tarah se hanuman pratyaksh darshan sadhana ke liye brave heart,courage,confidence,mental strength,willpower,fearlessness ki jaroorat hoti hai They are also helpful like Apsaras.


Aap ke sadhana mein bahut se baadhaa layenge. May Apsara will help me to wpsara help to others and upliftment of Soddhi power and religious activity.

They guide you on what to do and what not to do.

Tilottama Kanchanmala Ratanmala Apsara Sadhana

Manjunath Harogoppa January 28, at 6: Veer Bhatt March 9, at 2: Start from Friday at night facing north. I myself am a brahmin by karm and like to get into things into the depths of it. He too loves me but, due to some social pressures not willing to marry me.

They’re not like Apsaras.

Guru Shakti

Neel N June 14, at 1: It must be energized using help of a Pandit and only then it must be utilized. Guru ji uravashi sadhna sangria karan see lens hai marg Darsham kare jai gurudev. I started the urvashi sadhana on 1st Feb and completed it aosara 21st Feb.

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