T2-LM24A-F • en • v • • Subject to changes. / 2. Technical data sheet. LM24A-F. Damper actuator for operating air control dampers. Damper spindle 6 20 mm. Running time s / 90° Manual override Gear disengagement with push button, can be locked. Connection Cable 1 m / Terminals. IP54 LM24A-MOD • en-gb • • subject to changes. 1 modified with the Belimo Service Tools MFT-P or ZTH EU. The Modbus.

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SuperCap actuators with safety functionality. Actuators with damper blade.

VAV and room temperature controllers. Send PDF data sheets. A Damper actuators 5 Nm.

Actuators Belimo LM24A-SR

For dampers up to approx. The product may differ from the illustration. Don’t have a price code?

Single room temperature controller. CE Declaration of Conformity. Send PDFs for other items.


Actuators Belimo LM24A-SR

Technical data, wiring diagram, dimensions PDF – kb. Mounting instruction PDF – kb.

Electrical accessories PDF – kb. Positioner for wall mounting Range Add-on auxiliary switch 1 x EPU, 1mA Add-on auxiliary switch 2 x EPU, 1mA Auxiliary switch grey add-on 2 x EPU, 1 mA Range controller for wall mounting Electronic adjuster for min.

Positioner for wall mounting Positioner for DIN rail mounting Positioner for front-panel mounting Form-fit adapter 10 x 10 for LM. Supplied in Multipacks of 20 units.

Form-fit adapter 12 x 12 for LM. Form-fit adapter 8 x 8 for LM.

Form-fit insert 10 x 10 mm with angle of rotation limiter and position indication for LM. A Supplied in Multipacks of 20 units.

LM24A-MOD – Damper actuator 5 Nm

Form-fit insert 12 x 12 Angle of rotation limiter and position indicator for LM. Form-fit insert 8 x 8 mm with angle of rotation limiter and position indicator for LM. Multi-pack with 20 pieces. Protection housing for LM.

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