Camera manuals and free digital camera pdf instructions. Find the user manual you need for your camera and more at ManualsOnline. Subject to The PowerShot SX HS offers versatile shooting in a slim body with a Simply switch to Manual Control and have the. Manuals and User Guides for Canon PowerShot SX HS. We have 4 Canon PowerShot SX HS manuals available for free PDF download: User Manual.

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Camera User Guide Make sure, guide, including the “Safety Precautions” section, before using the camera. TMs chapter assumes that the camera has been set to mnual corresponding mode. You can set the shutter to the speed at which you want to shoot. The camera will set the appropriate aperture value for the shutter speed you set. Setthe mode dial to Tv.

You can set the aperture to a value at sx2200 you want to shoot. The camera will set the appropriate shutter speed for the aperture value you set. You can manually set the shutter speed and aperture to shoot images with the exposure you want.

M stands for “Manual’. Set the mode dial to M. Setthe mode dial toM. Using Various Functions Shooting Movies This chapter serves as a more advanced version of the “Shooting Movies” and “Viewing Movies” sections in Chapter 1, and explains to use various functions for shooting and viewing movies. If you are using an earlier version of the software, download the latest version from the Canon home page. Just as with still images, you can let sh camera select the best settings the scene or add various effects wMle shooting movies.

Follow Step 1 on p. Based manaul Canon’s testing standards. Recording wilt automatically stop when the clip file size reaches 4 GB, or when the You can shoot fast moving subjects and play them back in slow motion. Audio will not be recorded. Follow the steps for “Changing the Movie Mode” on p. Wind Fitter suppresses noise when the wind is strong.

However, unnatural sound may result when used to record in locations with no wind. Hw can trim the beginnings and ends of recorded movies. The movie editing panel and the movie editing bar will sh.

Movie Editing Panet settheediting r nge. Editing Save edited movie.

Using Various Playback Editing Functions This chapter explains various ways to play back and edit images. Press the DE] button to enter Playback mode before operating the camera. Move thezoom eve, t owo,d images will display in an index. The number of images increase each time you move the lever toward The number of images decrease each time you move the lever toward Choose an image.


Move the zoom lever toward O.

Bfyou choose one of those images, the camera will select four more images letting you enjoy playing back images in an unexpected order. This will work best if you take many shots of various scenes. You can magnify the area of a recorded image that was inside the AF frame to check the focus. Pressthe DISR button to switch to the focus check display p. Connect the camera to the TV. Open the camera’s terminal cover and fully insert the cable plug into the camera’s Turn on the TV and press the camera’s button.

The image will appear on the TV nothing will appear on the screen You can protect important images so that they cannot be accidentally erased with the camera pp.

Protecting images Choose images.

Press the button again to deselect image. To choose additional images, repeat the above Protecting images Choose ending image. You can choose images and then erase them in groups. Since erased images cannot be recovered, exercise adequate caution before erasing, Protected images p, cannot be erased.

Follow Step 2 on p. Follow Steps 2 and 3 on p. Press the v button to choose [Erase], then press the When you tag images as favorites, you can easily categorize just those images. You can also filter out just those images for viewing, protecting erasing p. You can display the images in a category in filtered playback p. MENU Bfyou press the button, a canno screen will appear. Using Menu choose [Mycategory]. Press the v button to choose an item, You can change the orientation of an image and save it.

You can resize images to a lower pixel setting and save the resized image xx220 a separate file. You can cut out a portion of a recorded image danon save it as a new image file. You can change the color sx2200 an image and save it as a separate image. The camera can detect areas in an image, such as faces or backgrounds, that are too dark and csnon adjust them to the optimum brightness.

ABso, when the overall image is lacking in mznual, the camera will automatically correct the image for a sharper impression. You can automatically correct red eyes in images and save them as new files.

This chapter explains how to choose images for printing, and pnnt using a Canon-brand PictBddge compliant pdnter sold separately.

You can easily print the pictures you take by connecting the camera to a PictBridge compliant printer sold separately using the supplied interface cable p.

Printing images choose mannual. Printing images Trimming and Printing Trimming You can cut out a portion of an image for printing. Follow Steps 1 – 2 on p, to choose [Trimming], then press the button, A frame will appear around the portion the image to be trimmed. Bordered Prints with a border. Borderless Prints without a border.


N-up Choose how many copies of an image are printed on a sheet. ID Photo Only images with the same resolution as the camera’s L Large recording pixet setting and a 4: Printing images Connect the camera to the printer. You can choose up to images on a memory card for printing and specify settings such as the number of copies so that they can be printed together p.

These selection methods comply with the DPOF Bfyou choose images in [Index], appears on the screen.

Canon SX HS Review – Specifications

Customizing Camera Settings You can customize various settings to suit your shooting preferences, The amnual part of this chapter explains convenient and commonly used functions. The latter part explains how’ to change shooting and playback settings to suit your purposes. Changing Camera Settings Changingthe Stattoup Screen You can change the start-up screen that appears when you turn on the camera.

Choose [Start-up image], then press the button. Refer to the Software Guide for details. Changing File Number Assignment images you shoot are automatically assigned file numbers in the order they were taken, from -mnaual saved to folders of up to 2, images.

Choose [Create Folder], then press the buttons to choose [Daily]. Bmages will be saved into folders manyal on each shooting date. Choose [Power Saving], then press the button. However, you can set it so that the camera only focuses when the shutter button You can turn off this function.

Canon PowerShot SX220 HS Camera User Manual, Instruction Manual, User Guide (PDF)

Choose [Flash Settings], then press the button. Choose [Grid Lines], then press the 4 buttons to choose [On]. Image acnon is always on. You can confirm the effects directly on the display, which makes it easier to check the Continuous composition or focus. Turning Off the Auto Rotate Function When you play back images on the camera, images shot in vertical orientation automatica!

Turn off the camera Before using an Eye-Fi card, be sure to check whether Eye-Fi card use is authorized in the country or territory of use p. When you put a prepared Eye-Fi card into the camera, you can automatically transfer your images wirelessly to a computer, or upload manhal to a web Canon Customer Support Help Desk as listed on the included customer support list. P wer You pressed Troubleshooting Shoot the subject within the focusing distance p.

Set the [AF-assist Beam] to [On] p. Confirm that functions which you do not intend to use macro, etc.

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