Nous avons développé la première miniature Norev au 1/12ème, la Citroën DS 19 de et nous allons continuer cette Je vous souhaite beaucoup de plaisir à la lecture de ce catalogue et vous adresse mes .. Citroën C-Crosser 22 oct. Extrait catalogue collection (S OMM A IRE OMM A IRE S C ON T EN T SC NOREV, lEs débuts Dès septembre les frères Véron. Catalogue (CONTENTS Sommaire CONTENTS Sommaire p 6 – 7 Norev offers in its current collection more than different models.

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We are specialists in the manufacturing and distribution of model cars for car enthusiasts, car makers, collector shops, Internet and mail orders.

Norev – Wikipedia

We are also involved in toy vehicles for children through toy stores. We support our customers with their development, we consolidate our partnerships with La collection actuelle de Norev our suppliers, we invest in the skills and the passion of our team and we involve them in our success. In this edition, some of them are advising what they are preparing for the fans of our atteint le total impressionnant brand and of cars.

As a complete manufacturing company, Norev develops and produces its models and most of its components. Norev offers in its current collection more than different models manufactured in small quantities going from pieces to a few thousand. Les visions ont vite fait surface! Chaque image de voiture devient une madeleine de Proust et produit du sens dans son sillage pour irradier de mille histoires. Jimmy Mieusset, Henri Pescarolo on Surtees and made for children.

Jacques Laitte on Ligier.

Joseph, Paul and Emile Veron had only one ambition: Today more than ever, quality and well made goods remain the keywords of the Norev production, whether it concerns the accuracy to the shape of the cars or the playability of the toys, their aesthetics and the NOREV opens its own factory in China. Indeed, as early asthe 1: The miniature car has thus become a real marketing tool, serving the communication needs of major car manufacturers.


We wish to continue on this path effort to increase the number of new releases and in order to do so we will continue to provide our full to be delivered each month to the dealers 23 71 12 support to the companies already part of our network and and thus to the collectors.

Indeed, Forwe are all going to work according to below guidelines: East and the Southern part of the world. Our sales increased and we have registered more than orders during the last semester. Inwe will create the Norev Club where we will offer to the members the possibility of booking specific and exclusive models. In addition, collectors can be informed of news and novelties on our Facebook account where we count already Having employees with experience in the sector, as well as an efficient sales force allowed us to quickly overcome the difficult initial period and began a successful time which continues to this day.

Today, Norev is also a well-known brand in Germany, and one which is appreciated by collectors and by the demanding German automobile manufacturers.

Catalogue 2017

Share art cataolgue made by Mengyi with more people. I witnessed the establishment of Mengyi in and her development since then. I saw many great changes of Mengyi after becoming General Manager.

Being a GM means change of nature of work for me. I encountered tons of difficulties while trying to learn and progress, but thinking of all the solid support behind my back, I was able to keep my faith and my heart to face every new challenge.


For instance, they suggest that some processes However, I believe this is just the beginning, can be improved and be more efficient. We nordv have room for improving our QC supervision and reducing our re-work level at the Die Casting and Plastic injection department.


Quality has 3. We need to have very good organization to achieve 6. We need to keep technical personnel in order to save resources. In Our factory has been focusing on product quality over recent years, as we came to realize we will try to improve quality and qualitiy is first and foremost in the model car industry to our customers. However, with the increase productivity at the same time.

Nevertheless, in order to keep this focus, Xiang Yongqing we subcontracted more simple products to our suppliers while keeping in house products that Tampo Supervisor require higher quality.

Inwe are going to keep on doing the meaningfull, valuable and fruitful things we achieved in Inwe will improve product quality. Requirements are only acknowledged by I worked independently and managed my own projects only.

But now management level, and are unable to be illustrated thoroughly and my role has changed to be a manager who not only manages my work, specifically to workers at production, which causes the frequent but also needs to monitor and help other teammates to solve their occurrence of quality issue.

Pursue efficiency experience to learn the supervisory management. I am grateful to have on the premise of assuring quality.

Mengyi grew, so did I. Thanks Mengyi, thanks Norev.

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