Cichlasoma trimaculatum. Three Spot Cichlid, Trimac. Classification. Cichlidae. Distribution. Western parts of Mexico, Guatemala and El Salvador. There are. Kingdom: Animalia. Taxonomic Rank: Species. Synonym(s): Amphilophus trimaculatus (G√ľnther, ). Common Name(s): threespot cichlid [English]. mojarra. ‘Cichlasoma’ trimaculatum was previously assigned to genus Amphilophus. Kullander () and Miller (), however, excluded this.

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The three spot cichlid Cichlasoma trimaculatumalso known as the trimac or red-eyed cichlid, is a species of cichlidfrom the subfamily Cichlasomatinae which are found in South America. It is a rarely found as an aquarium fish.

Cichlasoma trimaculatum, Three spot cichlid : aquarium

The three spot cichlid is a large heavy bodied cichlid. It has a green or yellow hue base with the distinct spots on its sides.


The male is much larger than the female growing up to 15″ he has longer more pointed fins and a large red spot behind his gills.

The female is smaller growing up to ” and a less dominant red spot. The threespot cichlid is found in slow flowing stretches in the lower river valleys of the rivers of the Pacific Slope of Central America from Mexico to Panama,where there is a muddy or sandy substrate.

Here it is found among the roots and weeds. The Three spot cichlid feeds mainly on small fishes and invertebrates, including both aquatic and terrestrial insects.

Trimacs cichlids are rarely found in the aquarium trade. triamculatum

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Cichlasoma trimaculatum

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