priced Cisco Aironet AG Series is ready to install and easy to manage, reducing the cost of configuration information with no manual intervention. Reportez-vous au tableau suivant et aux instructions pour ouvrir le capot supérieur. Guide de démarrage rapide des points d’accès Cisco Aironet AG. The Cisco® Aironet® G Series Access Point is a single-band g access point that features configuration information with no manual intervention.

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You can determine whether your equipment is causing interference by turning it off. If the interference stops, it was probably caused by the Cisco equipment or one of its peripheral devices. If the equipment causes interference to radio or television reception, try to correct the interference by using one or more of the following measures: Preface Audience This guide is for the networking professional who installs and manages the Cisco Aironet AG Series Access Point, hereafter referred to as the access point.

To use this guide, you should have experience working with Cisco IOS software and be familiar with the concepts and terminology cisc wireless local area networks. Means the following will help you solve a problem.

The tips information might not be troubleshooting or even an action, but could be useful information. Means reader take note. Notes contain helpful suggestions or references airondt materials not contained in Note this manual.

Hvis du vil se oversettelser av de advarslene som finnes i denne publikasjonen, kan du se i vedlegget “Translated Safety Warnings” [Oversatte sikkerhetsadvarsler]. Cisco also provides several ways to obtain technical assistance and other technical resources. The Documentation DVD is updated regularly and may be more current than printed documentation.

The Documentation DVD package is available as a single unit. Register to receive security information from Cisco. Use the Cisco Product Identification CPI tool to locate your product serial number before submitting Note a web or phone mannual for service. S1 or S2 service requests are those in which your production network is down or severely degraded. Cisco TAC engineers are assigned immediately to S1 and S2 service requests to help keep your business operations running smoothly.

Preface Obtaining Additional Publications and Information Cisco Press publishes a wide range of general networking, training and certification titles. Figure shows the locations of the three LEDs. The access point can receive power from an external power module or from inline power using the Ethernet cable.

The access point supports the IEEE Using inline power, you do not need to run a power cord to the access point because power cisfo supplied over the Ethernet cable.

The use of a tamper-resistant head screw does not restrict access to the access point cables Note or the mode button. Figure shows an access point acting as a repeater. Non-Cisco client devices might have difficulty communicating with repeater access points.

Figure shows an access point in an all-wireless network. RF electromagnetic energy emitted by FCC certified equipment. Proper installation of this radio according to the instructions found in this manual will result in user exposure that is substantially below the FCC recommended limits. Check each Step 3 item for damage. If any item is damaged or missing, notify your authorized Cisco sales representative. Package Contents Each access point package contains the following items: The security hasp covers the cable bay area including the power port, Ethernet port, console Note port, and the mode button to prevent the installation or removal of the cables or the activation of the mode button.


Opening the Access Point Cover The top cover provides access auronet the cable bay area containing the power connector, Ethernet port, console serial port, the mode button, and the Ethernet and Radio LEDs.


Insert two 8 x 32 x 1 inch pan head screws in the X mounting holes and tighten. Cisco does not sell Ethernet cable rated for use in a building environmental air space, aironeg as above Caution suspended ceilings.

You must obtain special Ethernet cable with the appropriate rating. Step 7 Attach the T-rail clips on the each end of the T-bar 1130zg hanger to the ceiling grid T-rails. Make sure the clips are securely attached to the T-rails. Step 1 In the cable bay area, pull the cables through the access point cable opening see Figure Insert the security cable latch into the security cable slot on the access airojet.

Step 3 Rotate the key right or left to secure the security cable lock to the access point. Step 4 Remove the key. Installing the Security Hasp Adapter Cisc point security hasp tab Security hasp adapter Security hasp notch Step 3 Push down on the security hasp adapter to expose the padlock post hole.

Push down on 1130qg padlock to ensure the padlock is held by the security hasp adapter clips. Close the access point cover by sliding it over the security hasp adapter aironey you hear a click. Push or pull the excess cable length the loop back through the access point cable bay area.

Close the access point cover by sliding it over the cable bay area until you hear a click. Rotating the Cisco Logo The Cisco logo on the top of the unit can be rotated to correctly position the logo for any mounting arrangement; for example, when the unit is mounted on a vertical wall. The logo should always be easy to read.


After a successful power-up sequence, the LED turns light green to signify that there are no client devics associated, or it turns blue to signify that there are client devices associated. IP address, continues to send requests indefinitely. When using the access point browser interface, you should disable your browser pop-up blocker.

An Enter Network Password screen appears. Step 3 Enter the case-sensitive password Cisco and press Enter. The Summary Status page appears. Manusl 4 Figure shows the Summary Status page. Clicking Custom takes you to the Network Interfaces: Airnoet Apply to save your settings. If you changed the IP address, you lose your connection to the access Step 7 point.

Figure shows the Express Security Set-Up page.

SSID table at the bottom of the page. You can create up to 16 SSIDs on the access point. Ethernet and radio ports, the network uses the BVI.

The access point web-browser interface is fully compatible with Microsoft Internet Explorer version 6. Enter your arionet in the User Name field. The default username is Cisco.


Step 3 Enter the access point password in the Password field and press Enter. The default password is Cisco. Step 4 The access qironet Summary Status page appears. Displays a list of infrastructure devices on your wireless Cicso.

Saves changes made on the page and remains on the page. Cancel Discards changes to the page and remains on the page. Clear Clears the selected options on the page.

Refresh Updates status information or statistics displayed on a page. Table lists the prohibited characters and the fields in which you cannot use them. The commands available airohet you depend on the mode you are currently using. Enter a question mark? This example shows how to enter the show configuration privileged EXEC command: To disable the feature during the current terminal session, enter the terminal no history privileged EXEC command.

To disable command history for the line, enter the no history line configuration command. The buffer contains only the last 10 items that you have the last ten items that you deleted. If you press Esc Y more than ten times, you cycle to the first buffer entry. To move back to the beginning of the command entry, press Ctrl-B or the left arrow key repeatedly. You can also press Ctrl-A to immediately move to the beginning of the line. At the username and password prompts, enter your administrator username and password.

The default Step 4 username is Cisco, and the default password is Cisco. The default enable password is also Cisco. Usernames and passwords are case-sensitive. For the most up-to-date, detailed troubleshooting information, refer arionet to the Cisco Technical Support and Documentation website at the following URL: There can be slight color variations in the Status LED of each access point.

Mode button pressed for 2 to 3 seconds. Pink Image recovery Mode button pressed for 20 to 30 seconds Blinking Blinking Image recovery in progress and Mode button is green pink and off released.

Intelligent Power Management for in-line power sources. For full operation, the access point requires The power module and Cisco Aironet power injectors are capable of supplying the required power for full operation, but some inline power sources are not capable of supplying Troubleshooting Low Power Condition On power up, the access point is placed into low power mode both radios are disabledCisco IOS software loads and runs, and power negotiation determines if sufficient power is available.

Cisco Aironet 1130AG Hardware Installation Manual

If there is sufficient power then the radios are turned on; otherwise, the access point remains in low power mode with the radios disabled to prevent a possible over-current condition. Intelligent Power Management support is dependent on the version of software resident in the Cisco switch that is providing power to the access point.

Each Cisco switch should be upgraded to support Intelligent Power Management.

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