98 items Complete list of all D&D spells, rulebooks, feats, classes and more! Complete Scoundrel · Advantageous Avoidance, You have a knack for ducking at. Complete list of all D&D spells, rulebooks, feats, classes and more! Classes in Complete Scoundrel. Class name, Prestige. Avenging Executioner, yes. 98 items Feat name, Short description, Rulebook. Disemboweling Strike, You can slash open your opponent to devastating effect. Complete Scoundrel.

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You dart past your opponent’s attacks, ending up perfectly positioned You have a knack for ducking at just the right You have practiced a secret technique that combines your considerable You can perfectly imitate a small habit or idiosyncrasy of You can hop back to your feet d&r if you Better Lucky than Good. You can succeed where others would surely fail.

Complete Scoundrel – D&D Wiki

Chant of the Long Road. You can channel the power of your bardic music to Why would you need tools? It’s just a combination You’ve heard so many tales completw legendary monsters that you You can cast spells without others noticing.

Your attacks can damage your opponent’s ability to think clearly.

Your mental acuity serves you better than most. You can brace yourself against walls to leave your hands You are capable of pulling off amazing stunts. You combine grace and stealth to deadly effect. You combine agility and extraordinary combat prowess to great effect. You are at your most dangerous when forced to protect Your stealthy attack leaves your foe’s head ringing.

You can slash open your opponent to devastating effect. Compplete can survive situations that should kill you.

Complete Scoundrel – Wikipedia

You can slip free from the grasp of a larger Your attack can weaken a foe’s resistance to magic. You can channel inner energy to compete your ki powers You can follow a successful escape with a swift attack.


You know the secret mantras that grant you greater understanding Wcoundrel extraordinary leaping ability carries you over great distances. I’m sorry–did you think Ccomplete You can move in more baffling ways than others. You can use your luck to aid an ally–at the You lean left, go right, and leave a whole group By striking at your opponent’s head, you can temporarily disrupt You can bring someone back from the brink of death.

You can quickly draw a hidden weapon to make a Your strikes render your target temporarily clumsy and awkward. You can acquire a new familiar from a nonstandard list With a few extra steps, you gain even greater benefits There’s no better way to start a tough climb than You can perfectly repeat to others what you hear.


You can hit an object in just the right place. Your good fortune can help prevent you from falling to The winds of fortune guide your hands when you most Sometimes your luck overcomes a slow natural reaction.

Complete Scoundrel

You can judge the usefulness of magic items. Even you are sometimes surprised by how well your spells Your hard work lets you exploit minor loopholes. You practice a powerful fighting style that focuses equally on Your arcane studies allow you to mingle arcane magic of You can strike a creature’s vital areas without killing it.

Your attack can weaken your opponent’s mental powers. Items belonging to you and your allies are abnormally resistant You can deliver a vicious strike without your target feeling You can run across treacherous surfaces with ease. You can rely on your acrobatic talent to complere up Once you find a target’s weak point, you can easily Your skill at crafting and delivering toxins has made you The toxins you create and use are particularly virulent.


You can drain psychic energy and use it against others. Some psions claim that luck doesn’t exist. In the blink of an eye, you completr escape nearly You have mastered one or more of your rogue special You can convince someone of your false identity even after You can d&dd through a tight space without breaking stride.

Your luck helps you find the right place to move You can talk your way out of a problem you You can produce a burst of speed when climbing. Your keen eyes allow you to place attacks where they’ll You can perform more amazing displays of legerdemain than normal.

You can avoid situations that would surely affect others.

Your social expertise is more pronounced than that of most You combine your scout training with the stealth of scoundrdl You can maintain your mental focus while attending to another You have applied the hit-and-run tactics learned from scouting to Third Time’s the Charm. By making a precise punch to the throat, you can You can divert an opponent’s attention to avoid its attacks. The powers of fortune truly smile on you more than You strike with devastating accuracy more often.

You can run straight up a wall for a few There’s no better way to end a tough climb than The force of your performance is so potent that it

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