The Dimachaeron comes in as the best close combat option Tyranids This sounds vaguely like the old Hormagaunt rule which added 3′ or. The Dimachaeron is one impressive model to see on the tabletop and it’s stats are no different. It has 14 wounds and we’re not seeing a drop in. So I got myself a Dimachaeron. Probably the nastiest thing the Nids have access to right now. I need a rule clarification. The rule for one of.

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I am in combat with a unit of 10 enemy models, all of which are within 2″ of me. So it would only work on units consisting of a single dimacuaeron

It dimafhaeron isn’t fast, even being a fast attack attack choice, and will attract a lot of fire for its ability to obliterate everything it bumps into short of a few special characters, so consider to embark it in a Tyrannocite and drop it in the midst of the enemy army.

You can buy a single one dimachaeon a pair, but everyone as two monstrous scything talons? Their new heavier weapon payload makes them ideal tank hunters, capable of destroying even super-heavy vehicles in a single attack run.

June 28, 1: Vote Up 0 Vote Down. While some may say two mouths may be better than one, lets be frank here. Lots of how it works are scattered throughout, so reading the threads will give you a better understanding how she plays.

Also an Elite choice now. All while usually going first due to having a single pt model.

It appears indeed to have been evolved only to slaughter those identified among their prey as leaders in the midst of battle, spreading terror and dismay among the ranks of all who resist the Hive Mind’s advance. If it would affect units, it wouldn’t it be broken?


Dimachaeron – 1d4chan

Hey guys I was just lucky enough to preorder the new tyranid model, though my wallet now looks like its a member of ‘fight club’. You can’t shoot at models individually, only at units, so it makes no sense for the Malanthrope’s Shrouding Spores to affect models.

I’ll take Swarmlord and two Harpies, thanks. I know a lot of you already bought it! For me, I like the Malanthrope.

Great looking mini and the rules is basically a super Venomthrope on Steroids. Or is it two pairs? Gargoyle – Genestealer – Hormagaunt – Ripper – Termagaunt. That would be pretty good speed, but it brings Dimachaeron out of range for Venomthrope’s cover buff. There is no such thing as a hobby without politics.

Not necessarily good or even decentbut 30″ move, can shoot in combat, can drop gargs, leave and charge anything else. He seems really good, but isn’t cheaper?

Where can I find Dimachaeron rules? – Forum – DakkaDakka

Join us by filling out a tiny 3 field form and you will get your own, free, dakka user account which gives a good range of benefits to you: So you fight with your Wrecker Claw and so you make 10 hit rolls against the unit with that weapon.

It has 5 attacks base 6 because it has two melee weapons is WS 8, strength 6 and initiative 6 and come equipped with Adrenal Glands and Rampage to make it even more frightening.

If you split your attacks between them, you make ten attacks divided as you choose between them. Dimacchaeron ok, that makes sense. Shouldn’t the Scythed Hierodule have four? No adverts like this in the forums anymore.

Subscribe to Our Free Newsletter. The best answer I can find so far is that the rules will be released online after the model and later rolled into an ia book.


For me, model is meh, and rules are ok, but nothing great. The “Learn to play, bro” mentality is mostly just a way for someone to try to shame you by implying that their metaphorical nerd-wiener is bigger than yours. So I don’t think it’ll perform horribly lacking a “stomp” equivalent — but it probably could’ve done with it.

But I think it’s bad rule design, when you consider that aoe effects aren’t a thing anymore and model placement isn’t really necessary to avoid them. I think a lot of people are gonna go nuts over the Harridan- “omg it can move 30 inches and charge and it’s got thirty wounds and it can move over everything and and and and and! The model in the flesh is lovely, and the rules aren’t half bad. Was S10 really too much? Azrael only affects models as well, so I didn’t think it was a mistake… Even if the range is quite limited.


I know typically these dules come in imperial armor volumes, but I’m guessing since this is a new model the rules won’t be in the current edition. The barbed getting literally just a 48″ Heavy 6 12 total version of a hive guard impaler for almost 10 times the cost, while still only hitting on 4s…sad.

Thank you Come to The Tyranid Hive. For some reason, the Hive Mind thought it was a good idea to warp the Dimachaeron’s ribcage into a gigantic maw. I don’t get it at all, especially since it comes with better weapons.

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