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EL PERCHERÓN MORTAL – improvisación sónica

He’s in his 30’s, happily married, and has much to be proud about in his life. And in the midst of the bar emerges an actual dwarf who introduces himself as an American Leprechaun. To his horror, they inform him Dr.

Clever story about a psychiatrist who is catfight up in a series of murders. The prose is also very strong, and Bardin seems to have a good handle on the psychology of his main characters–it’s easy to tell all the way through that the writer knew where the story was going from the very beginning and folded those details in neatly throughout the book.

Likewise, the middle portion was bizarre, but intriguing as the protagonist wrestled nortal deal with the events; however the last third of the book which tried to pull everything together was a bit of a mess. Oct 15, Guy Salvidge rated it percheroh was amazing. But it seems Eustache has upped the ante. Like George Matthews, the psychiatrist, you don’t for a minute believe the leprechaun story, but you want to know what it means.

New York City was apparently a very nutty place during WWII for the civilian population left behind and this extremely well written book goes straight to the source of the insanity: I completely devoured this book and now I want to find more by the same author.


Another girl sat more stiffly beside her–a small, neat, childlike creature with soft-brown curls and an open, innocent look in her blue eyes. Trivia About The Deadly Percheron. Un cattivo libro rinforza l’atte Incubi della mente o omicidi reali? I was first struck by this seemingly very modern word appearing in a book as old asbut then, after some research, I realized the words date back to the Middle English period of the 16th century, skelte hasten. I certainly enjoyed good chunks of this.

Mar 16, Bill Hsu rated it it was ok. Dated, though, and a bit clunky, the story was fun and certainly unlike any other noir I’ve encountered. Return to Book Page. Feb 15, Peter Sidell rated it it was amazing. But what made him really fascinatingly ugly was the wide, long, angry red scar that traversed his face diagonally from one ear across the nose and down to the root of the jaw at the base of his other cheek.

Certain plot points are wrapped up or discarded with superficial ease, but it’s difficult not to see this as part and parcel of the narrator’s own curious glibness, disinterest, and detachment from his former life.

But it’s a game the reader must play with himself, for Bardin does nothing to encourage it. I discovered that, not only is one of the characters reading ‘The Deadly Percheron’ in the film, but that the film is apparently full of references to it. May 13, Dergrossest rated it really liked it. Lists with This Book. Takes place in early s. After Matthews meets the “leprechaun”the second time, he begins to unravel the mystery of what happened to him in the intervening months between his blow to the head and waking up in the mental hospital.

Matthews is amazed to discover he exists. He meets several circus freaks. Matthews accompanies him to a bar one night to meet one of the little men. He might be a Leprechaun, or he might be a midget, dwarf, small person, Lilliputian, hafling. George Matthews is suitably intrigued by the story and breaks numerous personal rules for himself by agreeing to go meet Eustace the Leprechaun.

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Reading this is like finding Cornell Woolrich had a lesser known brother. Aug 20, Brent Hayward rated it liked it. This is the sixth book printed under the Millipede book imprint. Bardin writes a nicely psychological story that really throws the reader for a loop early on and guaranteed that I stuck around for the end; I loved how such a ridiculous setup was made to seem chilling and even riveting, and I actually think the way it was resolved was inventive and interesting.

One internet reviewer tells us the book is a “deadly serious excursion into identity formation and the psychology of guilt.

The Deadly Percheron

Then things get much weirder: But in between–in spite of the weird addition of percheron horses left at murder scenes, amnesia, and torture–that’s what keeps you reading, wanting to know how it all fits together. And like any good mystery you don’t find out until the last page. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. I really really hated this one! It was kind of like walking through green smog, but it smelled nice, like a joke, or carnival food.

And this is the key to the book’s reevaluation: Now, he is considered by many to be one of the most important American noir writers.

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