In today’s column I interview Vineet Nayar, CEO of HCL one of the world’s largest IT firms is by putting employees first and customers second. Vineet Nayar: Employees First, Customers Second. by: Mike Sturm. Vineet Nayar has a smile that implies that he knows something that many. Employee First, Customer Second (EFCS) is a radical new philosophy In February , Vineet Nayar, CEO, HCL Technologies announced.

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Change is not so complicated as managing or evolving the culture of change and communicating what to do next. Dec 24, Pradip Caulagi rated it really liked it.

The book would leave you with a thought for transformation. Such an environment provides with high level of employee engagement that nurtures custoer culture of empowerment and initiative. Sep 10, Sheyla rated it did not like it. The dismissal of old techniques, the use of social media tools internally to the employee to enable the transparency and empowerment of the workforce, and the new eyes approach to overall organizational transformation is an interesting adventure.

Its written down fairly simply with as many examples as required.

You will enjoy it. The company did it for eight years, for about 6, managers. How is it helpful? Given the fact that the value is created by the employees in their interface with the customers, what should the business of the managers be? Well, it turned out to be a gimmick to sell the books.

Nayad adopting these new management models, Vineet takes you through his journey to bring HCL Technologies to the forefront of the Indian outsourced IT offerings. Nov 26, Avinash rated it vinert it.

Empowering the employees and bringing them closer to management, HCLT created an environment of initiatives and openness. The author, being in no different spot, brought motivation from the lessons he learnt in school, addressing this issue with honesty and sincerity.



Vineet Nayar: Employees First, Customers Second

Management thought and learning fustomer ongoing but micro picture of responses and detailed version of changes would make the read more illustrative. THe book is more of good read with bold understanding of how to drive organisations and thinking out of the box. Excellent; thought-provoking; easy-to-read and powerful in narrative, Vineet Nayar takes us through an amazing journey. Want to Read Currently Reading Read.

The author lamenting his success story at HCLT presents an idea of focusing more on your team members and empowering them for improved results and enhanced customer engagement as compared to focusing primarily on customer needs.

Oct 24, Nitin rated it really liked it. And when that day comes, we will then turn around and say it was becuase that one of thousands of us, Vineet, dared to dream a simple thought, called Employees First Customers Second. Al in all a good word by Vinnet It is a wonderful book.

A more micro picture of how this employee first feature works. Not a bad book.

Decent read, not exactly the path-breaking stuff it is made out to be though. Having the curiosity developed with the name of the book I wanted to read it.

The author showcases multiple examples wherein empowering employees helped the company he was heading, HCLT. Vineet is just an anchor person of thousands of us. This one had to be a must read for me especially when its written by one of the people I admire. With a different perspective about how we can win the hearts of the customer by winning the hearts vineett the Employees first. It means thinking outside of the normal boundaries of logic and reason. Sep 01, Onkar rated it liked it.

Employees First, Customers Second: Turning Conventional Management Upside Down by Vineet Nayar

Employees First, Customers Second by: A young boy with only one arm wanted to learn Judo. Employee First Principle took the route of transparency, reverse-accountability, and collective wisdom. Nov 09, Nathalie De Custpmer rated it really liked it. Vineet challenges the traditional concepts of command and control management structures by leading the charge with fully empowered employees and transparency through his organization.


Vineet Nayar: Employees First, Customers Second – Nordic Business Report

Author talks about empowerment through testimonials, degree feedback and better team building which made the change which HCL needed the most during that period circa It’s a very simple idea, but almost revolutionary in the workplace, treat your employees well and they will take ownership of their workplace and deliver exceptional performance.

Apr 29, Parxyr rated it really liked it Recommends it for: Quotes from Employees First, Yes, that is correct. You never look into the mirror and think whether you have changed and this question makes all the difference.

This is an idea which can be applied in most organisations albeit its size or industry, expecting positive results. I liked the discussed concepts and ideas in this book because it was based on practical experience of the author, however, What I didn’t like is the showoff part and marketing i.

Numerous coaches turned him down, saying that a one-armed person could never excel at Judo. The results tell the tale.

Nayar could be the next Peter Drucker”, then its better have a close look customfr what Vineet has achieved. This book is all about emotions and understanding how people behave with the unknown. Employees First, Customers Second: A must-read for every corporate leader With the IT sector facing another round of challenges during and the coming years the next phase of transformations would also be on similar lines.

Why should you read it?

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