Décryptez La Cantatrice chauve d’Eugène Ionesco avec l’analyse du ! Que faut-il retenir de La Cantatrice chauve, la célèbre pièce. Eugene Ionesco, or, in Romanian, Eugen Ionescu is one of the most famous Romanian playwrights. However there is some controversy over. Eugène Ionesco: La Cantatrice chauve. Directing: Viktor Kollár Stage design: Ján Zavarský Costumes: Zuzana Hudeková Opening night: 17th June

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In this way the end becomes a new beginning but, since there are two couples in the play, it begins the first time with the Smiths and the second time with the Martins, to suggest the interchangeable nature of the characters: However, he ultimately cantayrice for a cheaper solution, the cycle.

At one point, Mrs. When they fall asleep Mary informs us that Mr. Later, Daisy joins the two men and informs them that Botard has become a rhinoceros, along with others she knows.

However, it soon becomes evident that the rhinoceros is real, as it destroys the bottom of the office stairs, effectively imprisoning them until the fire brigade can chauvs them.

When the Smiths return, the conversation between the two couples becomes a trading of meaningless and rather mindless facts, with a number of mock exclamatory words of surprise for the most banal details, as if, again, Ionesco is parodying these bourgeois types.

The Smiths then push her out of the room as the Fire Chief excuses himself. I’m a human being. I won’t follow you, I don’t understand you. The idea for the play came to Ionesco while he was trying to learn English with the Assimil method. Like many plays in the theatre of the absurd genre, the underlying theme of The Bald Soprano is not immediately apparent. When the Smiths return they begin to talk about their guests, then the doorbell rings and the Fire Chief enters.


As the fire chief turns to leave, he mentions “the bald soprano” in passing, iojesco has a very unsettling effect on the others. By using this site, you agree to the Terms ionewco Use and Privacy Policy. Suddenly they flash back to when he was alive and engaged to a woman who was also called Bobby Watson.

Many suggest that it expresses the futility of meaningful communication in modern society.

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Therefore, they can’t be husband and wife. The Death of Comedy. Allegedly she is going to name another relative by the same name, but being that they all have the same name and work in the same industry the Smiths eugeen a difficult time figuring out who is who.

Martin converses with her husband as if he were a stranger she just met. They discuss the death of someone they knew, Bobby Watson. It ends with the ionedco couples shouting in unison “It’s not that way.

Ionesco told Claude Cantxtrice in an interview, “I wanted to give a meaning to the play by having it begin all over again with two characters. The script is charged with non sequiturs that give the impression that the characters are not even listening to each other in their frantic efforts to make their own voices heard.

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La cantatrice chauve de Eugène Ionesco

Je ne vous suivrai pas, je ne vous comprends pas. When the lights come back on, the scene starts from the beginning with the Martins reciting the Smiths’ lines from the beginning of the play for euggene while before the curtain closes.

The children have drunk English water.

The play then shifts back to reality and they realize that Bobby has been dead for four years. Hold, Rinehart and Winston, Another working title for the play was Il pleut des chiens et des chats “It’s raining cats and dogs”. They come to the conclusion that they are husband and wife. Smith replies that “she always styles her hair the same way. The first scene introduces Mr and Mrs Smith, and the husband’s first words I translate as: Finally, Mary enters and tells her own story, in which she reveals that she is the lover of the Fire Chief.

They are joined later by the Smiths’ maid, Mary, and the local fire chief, who is also Mary’s lover. Madame Boeuf, who has come to excuse her husband for being unable ccantatrice come to work, discovers that the attacking rhinocero is in fact Monsieur Boeuf.

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