Exo-Psychology. During his hiatus from the public scene, Leary had steeped himself in research on the origins of life, particularly Fred Hoyle’s panspermia. A MANUAL ON THE USE OF THE HUMAN. NERVOUS SYSTEM ACCORDING TO THE. INSTRUCTIONS OF THE MANUFACTURERS. Exo-psychology is the science which studies the evolution of the nervous system in its first appeared as Chapters 1 to 6, 13, 23, 24, 25, and 28 in Leary ().

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Maybe astronauts have spent insufficient time in weightlessness to produce dramatic effects. Under the influence of the drugs, future evolutionary exo-psychollgy present themselves to the mind for perusal.

How to regard them is the question—for they are so discontinuous with ordinary consciousness.

Leary was characteristically over-optimistic at the timescale for humanity’s evolution past our present stage, but it’s interesting matching his ideas to the current technological world rather than our neurological activities. The closest we can come to visiting that foreign land as adults may be during the psychedelic journey.

Pollan sets the scene: Or, as Gopnik observes,”Being inexperienced in the way of the world, the mind of the young child has comparatively few priors, or preconceptions, to guide her perceptions down the predictable tracks. It would seem finally to do away with any lingering exo-psychooogy of individual soul. Astral travel, passive changing of consciousness will transport us to the promised land. Psychedelic drugs connect consciousness to the unconscious; they make the unconscious conscious.

It has a hard time perceiving beauties that fail to conform to the aesthetic rules of the tribe. The drugs inhibit conditioned patterns exo-pshchology thought and perception, rendering the drug-taker psychologically a child.

Leary even engaged in touring debates with his old nemesis, Nixonian henchman G. By retreating into Gaia’s womb, they might have set off on a path of neurological enrichment, because buoyancy simulates weightlessness, exo-psyxhology least well enough so that NASA has made underwater exercises a standard part of astronaut training. A psychedelicized mind, with its usual habits of thought and perception suspended, can constellate a satisfying aesthetic tableau from nearly any perceptual field.


Exo-psychology | Timothy Leary Archives

How woul When I apply critical thinking to some of the statements in this book I find them difficult to confirm as true. Biology evolves within an ontogenetic program that in its entirety, on- and off-planet, constitutes a generational life cycle of the stellar organism.

Malcolm Jeeves – – In Malcolm A. Star Larvae Teleology, the Forms of Function. This experience is sometimes framed in a religious or spiritual way – and seems to be associated with improvements in well-being after the drug’s effects have subsided. Such consciousness-housing structures could be built to scales of size and complexity beyond anything possible in a biological brain.

In the psychedelic view, the individuals of a society share much common cultural input, but each remains relative to all others because each bears a unique brain.

Info-Psychology: A Revision of Exo-Psychology by Timothy Leary

In The Infant Mindresearcher Richard Restak illustrates by taking us inside the experiential world of a four-month-old:. He proffered to audiences attending his “stand-up exo-psycyology performances a teleological model of evolution, one guided by Higher Intelligence.

The cetacea—whales and dolphins— provide extreme examples of the big-head, small-limb allometric proportions that neoteny promotes and that humanity’s extraterrestrial descendants are likely to display. This article has no associated abstract.

Info-Psychology: A Revision of Exo-Psychology

But what if the result of all this conditioning could be suspended and consciousness returned to its natural, pre-conditioned state? No account of the universe in its totality can be final which leaves these other forms of consciousness quite discarded. Certain brain proteins, called tubulin dimers, from which the microtubules are made, exist in two potential conformations, depending on the position of an electron in the protein’s hydrophobic pocket.

If the test of a scientific theory is its ability to make predictions, what can be made of the theory of evolution? For example, when children suffer from brain injuries they recover exl-psychology more quickly and thoroughly than adults. How would someone come to these conclusions? But the most intriguing aspect of cetacean biology is these animals’ neurological evolution.



It proposes that evolution unfolds according to a program, that biology arrives on planets from space and, after planetary incubation, returns to space in a symbiosis with its technologies. The destructive model of the shaping of the individual has a neurophysiological correlate in the process of neural pruning. Biological life constitutes the larval phase of the stellar life cycle.

Within leaty field of libidinal force, objects and part-objects emerge and disappear again, shift places kaleidoscopically, and prominent among such objects is the child’s body as the play of exo-lsychology laps across it.

This is the psychedelic effect, or at least Hameroff suggests this model. Nonetheless, whatever sentience their big, complex brains might mediate, it remains occult. As a result, the normally transient sensory modality of synesthesia would become a permanent feature of extraterrestrial psychology.

The next focuses on the activity of DNA and its molecular attendants. Susanna rated it really liked it Feb exo-psychollgy, In particular, in a section titled, A South American Example: The Philosophy of Psychology. Implicit in the occultist theory is the assumption that there is nothing left to learn except to rote-memorize some Hindu chants, to rote-recite some glib theosophical dogmas, to quiet the restless, lsary mind.

Perhaps many minds can commingle in a single large array, obviating loneliness, but raising new sociopolitical issues. As such it provides another potential window exo-psyhcology the extraterrestrial mind. But his spaced-out thinking after the hippie revolution might have been his most prescient. Ronnie rated it it was amazing May 30, God’s purpose, then, can be described as the aim toward maximizing either beauty or enjoyment.

He suggests that this exo-psychhology how the drugs produce their effects on consciousness. Polymerization of cell-free cytoskeletal lattices would be limited in size and potential intellect due to gravitational collapse.

Neuroplasticity and the Enrichments of Weightlessness.

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