Esta guía para,oyecto y la ejecución de micropilotes en obras de carretera forma parte de una serie de un documento de divulgación tecnológica elaborados. See details and download book: Ebookers Free Download Guia Para El Proyecto Y La Ejecucion De Micropilotes En Obras By Aavv Fb2. Cálculo de micropilotes de cimentación y dimensionado de su longitud, según guía del Ministerio de Fomento. ESFUERZOS Y REACCIONES. Cálculo de Viga .

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Ortega Universidad de Alicante Spain. Pastor Universidad de Alicante – Consulteco, S.

calculo de estructuras, calculo de estructuras online | CÁLCULO CIVIL

Albaladejo Universidad mocropilotes Alicante Spain. Climent Universidad de Alicante Spain. Ortega Universidad de Alicante, Spain. Albaladejo Universidad de Alicante, Spain. Climent Universidad de Alicante, Spain.


Essential tool for analysis of Hygral behaviour and its relation to pore structure, Cem. Study by impedance spectroscopy, mocropilotes Durability and Degradation of Cement Systems: Corrosion and Chloride Transport; T4.


Electrochemical techniques for measuring metallic corrosion – Test methods for on site measurement of resistivity of concrete. Norma UNEMadrid.

Standard test method for specific gravity, absorption, and voids in hardened concrete, Philadelphia. Permeability of Concrete as a Criterion of its Durability.

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Manuales de Ingeniería

Article Tools Mcropilotes this micropilptes. How to cite item. Email this article Login required. About The Authors J. Keywords Aggregate Characterization Composite Compressive strength Concrete Durability Mechanical properties Mortar Portland cement Waste treatment cement characterization compressive strength concrete corrosion durability fly ash mechanical properties microstructure mortar physical properties.

Durability and compressive strength of blast furnace slag-based cement grout for special geotechnical applications. Abstract Special foundations, most prominently micropiles and soil anchors, are frequently used in construction today.

In Spain, the grout for these special technical applications is generally prepared with portland cement, although the codes and standards in place stipulate only the minimum compressive strength required, with micfopilotes mention of cement type. Those texts also establish a range of acceptable water: The results show that slag grout exhibits greater durability than the portland cement material and complies with the compressive strength requirements laid down in the respective codes.


Keywords Ground granulated blast-furnace slag; Cement grout; Special geotechnical applications; Durability; Compressive strength.

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