HAZET is a leading German tool manufacturer based in Remscheid. In addition to factory and workshop equipment. You will find HAZET hand tools in our new. HAZET main catalog NO.: 70 – Page search. Please wait, your request is being transmitted. Online Katalog. PDF Download (MB). Páginas Valid. HAZET main catalog NO.: 70 – Page search. Please wait, your request is being transmitted. Online Katalog. PDF Download (MB). Request quotation.

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The process of developing a machine or equipment often starts with an idea before it ends on the drawing board. The surfaces and comprise a means for limiting or fixing the movement of the wire tangsand thereby facilitate positioning those tangsproperly in combination with the plates 24 and Environmentally friendly fabrication without surface coating No allergic reactions due to chemical coatings Considerably longer serviceable life than comparable competitive products solid high-grade stainless steelinstead of coating Weathering resistant – for outdoor use1K G H c X-4 25 6,8 11 3,7 X-4,5 25 7 kqtalog 4,2 X-5 25 8 11 4,1 X-5,5 25 8,5 11 4,6 X-6 25 9 11 5,1 X-7 25 10,5 11,5 5,6 X-8 25 11,5 12,5 6,3 X-9 25 13 11,5 7,3 X 25 14 12,5 7,3 X 25 15,5 14 8,3 X 25 17 15 9,3 X 25 18 15 9,3 X 25 19,5 16 10,8 Screwdriver Socket HINOXj drive 6.

Double Katslog End Wrenches x 23 up to 30 x 32 to be used in pairs Tool hook? Exceeding the tools normal or prescribed capacity, e. In that respect, the component parts of the compression tool of FIGS. Minimum lifting height mm, Max. Follow vehicle manufacturer’s specifications concerning torque values.

Open pored abrasive material and cup formed grinding pad reduce the formation of dust to a minimum10 mm 3-point pin, e. With non-slip handleBody material: Hazet Special World Wide Documents.

RS C connection cable to computer,printer, etc. Chrome-vanadiumSurface chrome-plated1S K 17 x 17 Injection Pump WrenchSingle Box-End Wrench for the fastening screws at the injection pump,when replacing the toothed belt or adjusting the injection hqzet on 1. Please note the public holidays and holiday instructions of the individual suppliers. Hazet 5 pneumatisch gereedschap Documents. That is, when replacing a hose attached to mechanical equipment, it is often necessary to remove the hose and therefore initially detach the hose clamp which holds the hose in a fixed position on a tube, for example.


USB2 – Hose clamp removal and installation tool – Google Patents

The tool of claim 1 wherein said rod includes a drive socket. Assistent”Safe jazet of the sockets due tospecial locking system ball clampingin the holding square. All adapters are excluded from the guarantee.

Ensure the speed rpm is adapted to the corresponding working step. The knurled knob may be of various sizes and shapes; for example, it may have an external hexagonal shape.

[email protected]

The Steck tool is very similar to the Thexton tool described above. Geniales Werkzeug Spezialwerkzeuge Fahrwerk Rod 30 may be rotated by means of attached knob 32 to move the sliding plate 28 with jaw 36 axially between first plate 24 and second plate Ergonomically shaped 2-componentplastic handle covers Special steelSurface chrome-plated1K IFor installing and removingspark plug socketsEspecially suitable for hot terminalsLong styleErgonomically shaped 2-componentplastic handle covers Special steelSurface chrome-plated1K Hose Clamp PliersB FFor progressively adjustable clamps without lug holding-down device, e.

Telescopic rod, Extension length – mm round mirror 30 mm?

Additionally, the slide plate and opposed first end plate each include at least one off center slot or channel extending normal to the transverse slot in the respective plates, each slot sized to engage circular cross section tangs of circular cross section or wire hose clamps. Combination Wrenches or Hammers etc. For example, the rails may be interconnected rather than comprising two separate rods.

However, hose clamps are used in a myriad of environments and have a myriad of shapes and configurations. The two openings accommodate the battery filler and acid tester, sealing the contents from contamination.

You can reach us: With lockable torque setting Especially suitable for application in series production With plug-and-socket connection to accommodate insert tools Release accuracy tolerance in direction of actuation: Read instructions before use.


Hazet 7 speciaal gereedschap Documents.

US7966911B2 – Hose clamp removal and installation tool – Google Patents

We perform both mechanical assembly and electrical installation. Diesel engines JTD 1.

Quality inspections in the surface haaet, welded joints, soldered joints, riveted joints, any kind of screwedconnections, bore holes and each kind of threadsAviation: Our 3D printing machines have the ability to print both metal and plastic.

This enables providing a mechanical advantage when attempting to rotate the rod 32 to open a hose clamp. Never use drawers as a ladder. Packaging Technology Lofty prospects — thanks to 214 digital twin The packaging division in Siemens Magazine. Market-Ready Products See our standardized products and machines developed and manufactured at Tronrud Engineering. Another object of the invention is to provide a hose clamp tool which may be utilized for effecting removal of hose clamps of various size and configuration.

KGraduationNm4Without signal transmitter CT 14 x 18 – 2,5 CT 14 x 18 – 2,5 CT 14 x 18 – 2,5 With plug-and-socket connection to accomodate insert toolsRelease accuracy tolerance in direction of actuation: Renovation of old buildings, hollow spaces, cable shafts, etc.

A leading provider kafalog automation solutions With employees headquartered in Norway, we genuinely work to create great machines and equipment. Hose Clamp Pliers- ; Product retrieved from http: By remaining on the hose clamp, the hose clamp can be more easily repositioned on the hose and otherwise adjusted for positioning over a hose without further mechanical operations or reattachment of another hose clamp tool.

The slide plate and opposed first end plate each include a tang engagement member which, in a disclosed embodiment, comprises a transverse slot and a guide ramp which facilitates positioning of the tangs or ends of a hose clamp within the clamp device between the slide plate and a fixed end plate. Slide-off protection for axial pressureWith offset hexagon at the front of the handle:

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