Invalid dialing command Unknown problem Carrier established, . Unspecified Image format error Image conversion error DTE to . Protocol failure: %s waiting for go-ahead message Message block not. Document transfer failed: Unknown format PDF. [[email protected] My client is running hylafax and my server is running hylafax That may be the. sendfax submits one or more facsimile transmission requests to a HylaFAX Support for other file formats can be easily added through an extensible file typing.

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By default Hyla FAX will notify the submitter only if there is a problem with a job. If no files are supplied on the command line, sendfax will read data from the standard input unless polling is requested. Verbose Control protocol tracing. No carrier detected Timeout waiting for Phase C carrier drop Modem protocol error unknown post-page response Can not set directory in document file Missing EOL after forat seconds section 3.

Unable to configure modem for fax use No local dialtone Received invalid CTC signal in V. Could not fork to start job transmission Cover-Regarding The regarding string to pass to the cover sheet program when auto-generating cover pages. Could not open a pipe for local ID. Remote station cannot receive DIS bit 10 No response to RR repeated 3 times.


‘[hylafax-users] sendfax pdf problem’ – MARC

Invalid response to MPS Image conversion error Unable to establish message carrier No response to EOR repeated 3 times. Note that the time is relative to the time of the initial time-to-send.

Batching protocol error Invalid or corrupted job description file Lower values result in higher priority processing. Priority The scheduling priority to assign to each job.

HylaFAX Status Codes

Remote cannot be polled The facsimile server on the remote machine did not respond. Multiple instances of this command-line option may be used.

From The sender’s identity. Document was encoded with 2DMMR, but client does not support this yhlafax format Equivalent to the -S option. Cover-Company The to-company name string to pass to the cover sheet program when auto-generating cover pages. Modem does not support polling Not a regular file. Unrecognized Transparent data command Normal and proper end of connection Equivalent to the -m and -l options.

Re: [hylafax-users] sendfax pdf problem

formatt Retrieved from ” http: Invalid response to EOM Image error, wrong compression code Failure to train remote modem frmat bps or minimum speed DCS sent 3 times without response Unable to transmit page NAK with operator intervention Failure to transmit clean ECM image data. PassiveMode Whether or not to use passive mode in communication with the server. Consult the description of the TagLineFormat parameter in hylafax-config 5F for an explanation of how to construct a format string.


If a negotiated signalling rate greater than or equal to speed cannot be negotiated then the job is aborted. TSI The sender identification to use when transmitting facsimile.

Modem does not support negotiated signalling rate Unable to lock shared document file Documents received by polling are returned to the sender by electronic mail.

Ring detect without successful handshake No response to MPS repeated 3 times Facsimile are normally imaged with a system-default page size usually letter-size pages, 8.

Cover-From-Fax The from-fax number string to pass to the cover sheet program when auto-generating cover pages.

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