These were the words that James Nachtwey pronounced as his receiving speech at Tel Aviv University last year when he shared the Dan. Results 1 – 20 of 20 Inferno by Nachtwey, James and a great selection of related books, art and collectibles available now at Title: Inferno. First Printing. Very Good. Issued without dust jacket. Gently used with NO markings in text; binding is tight. Very light rubbing to covers; overall.

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Fantasising nschtwey all the things I could do once home constituted therapy and so I began to draw up lists, one of which was returning a faulty lens you guessed it, E-mount Sony Zeiss. While logging into my account to arrange the lens exchange, Amazon dangled some book suggestions in front of my nose. I picked a selection of books Infenro knew I wanted to own, along with a few I was far less sure about, but intrigued by.

I always buy used books, where possible, but still choked a little at the final bill, but reminded myself of the years of pleasure and engagement they will give me.

They will still ja,es there, for every turn in my own photographic journey and they will change as I do. My exposure has been via the web and printed media, where he maintains heavy commitments despite advancing age and injury. HIs images hit with force and so does this book. In many respects is a very simple book. Certainly, the impression given is the one intended: The print quality is so-so, although I think the style was quite intentional. A similar key-line jamrs surrounds each image and so a particular feel is generated.

Its the anti-aesthetic approach, however, I think they may have got it wrong. You are less absorbed and engaged as a result.

Inferno by James Nachtwey

Each appears more a representation than a reality and their content is seemingly less accessible; the human content that is. I feel less close to the subjects than I might have been and this was unexpected. Most of the images are double page spreads, which combined with the size of the book mean you need arms like Mr Tickle.


The images have higher contrast in these photos of the book than in real life. The imagery is all hard-hitting and there is no respite. I would also venture that the book could have been edited more tightly, as there are quite a few images that seem weak and out of place.

I would have preferred a smaller, leaner book ihferno much better print quality and fewer double page spreads, although others may infern differently.

Somewhere in the effort to knock you off your feet, the relationship between the viewer and the images after first impressions, got lost.

From ‘Inferno’ to ‘War’: A Few Considerations on James Nachtwey, VII, and War Photography (2004)

Bought new, this is one very expensive book. Even used, it is hardly cheap and right on the limit of what I was prepared to pay for a book, but despite what may seem to be criticism, I am very glad I now own it and will be able to explore it in my own way.

This is not a book for the coffee table. It really does carry a weight well beyond its physical nacjtwey, exacerbated by its dry relentlessness.

I think it also highlights individual motivations and characters. I also question whether there is nachfwey important missing: I therefore have to wonder if this is the best way to empower and motivate people as agents of change.

However, as all religions have recognised, in order to be truly motivated, we also need occasional glimpses of heaven too.

Book Review: ‘Inferno’ by James Nachtwey – The Photo Fundamentalist

Without hope, what is left? You can buy two or three books for the same money, all with powerful content and excellent print quality.

However, if you have a full collection of books and can afford it, oddly I do recommend this book. There are very few like it.


I bought my copy for about half price used on Amazon http: Aside from some dust that had gotten into the fabric on the front cover and a slight crush on the bottom right corner, its perfect. I, too, have long admired his work and his fortitude in pursuing his mission. While some photos survive this treatment, I think that most wind up losing much of their impact, because the gutter between the two pages disrupts the integrity of the photo by detracting from its intrinsic composition and thereby from its full meaning.

Something in a photo is invariably lost, and ofttimes something quite important bad editing AND layout, in that case. Yes, bigger photos can have bigger impact. But for most photos that bigger impact seems lost to me on a double-page, including all the examples you posted from Natchwey. I think they would have at least as much impact rendered whole on a single page not portrait-shaped, of course. Having laid out a few of my own photo books, I understand that no single page shape and size can enable an optimal presentation for all the photos of a typical collection.

I also own Genesis…. Now that I know you own both, perhaps I will write up a couple of the others first! Your email address will not be published. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail.

Beneath The Image You are here: Most of the images are double-page spreads. Should all these images have made the edit? Related Posts Book Review: Harry Gruyaert Book Review: Wall by Josef Koudelka Book Review: New England Days, by Paul Caponigro.

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