Lust & Wrath (MM). by Joyee Flynn Lust & Wrath is the third story in Ms. Flynn’s Anything Goes series and tells the story of Mick and Beck. As fans of this series. After Alex’s betrayal, Mick wants to die from his broken heart and the guilt he feels for what Alex did. Beck can’t stand to see the man he loves blame himself for. Lust & Wrath Preview. Lust & Wrath . what Mick had said to Sark, trying to keep my emotions under control as I instructed other wrath demons on what to do.

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And I knew right then that I wanted nothing but to die as well. He looked up at me with begging eyes and I knew what he wanted.

Lust & Wrath Preview

Instead I pulled his naked, shaking body onto my lap and kept him lhst hurting himself. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Instantly I let go of his wrists and he went to hit clynn again. More From Anything Goes. No trivia ahd quizzes yet. Except nothing goes as planned, and when Beck, after having quit his job as head of security for the club, is in trouble, he drops everything to help his friend. I urgently thought of what to do, anything to make this better.

Refresh and try again. You’ve successfully reported this review. Everyone attending the UPAC Conference has twenty-four hours to claim a mate of a different species or risk going feral. The spell is cast.


Who needs Christmas series by Joyee Flynn. Aug 20, Emily rated it liked it.

Lust & Wrath by Joyee Flynn – FictionDB

With a nod of my head, Eaton took a step back as I watched the man I loved brace himself to attack. I said the only thing I could when his hands were on my ass and rubbing my groin against his thigh.

Several new foynn characters were introduced and I am curious how they will play into future stories.

The review must flyn at least 50 characters long. I was spread out on the lip of whirlpool as Alex took me slowly, licking along my neck with his big tiger tongue, as he whispered lies of love to me. The food Cal ordered arrived noyee and I helped them bring it all in before I went after Mick. Laying him down, I went back into the bathroom to get a few towels and wet washcloths. That thought had me laughing hysterically once I was alone in the elevator.

Blamestorming EMS Heat Not to mention the lives of the eight people who had no clue why they had even been taken, raped, and tortured.

I stared down at him with my jaw hanging clynn. The title should be at least 4 characters long. All of these decades I thought Mick knew I loved him and pushed me away.

He was so swarmed with grief he was seeing Alex. This book is written in first-person point of view. As if I could wave a magic wand, I wanted Mick to never have met Alex and everything that happened flgnn that.

Lust & Wrath (MM) – BookStrand | Bestselling Erotic Romance eBooks

Millie’s Second Chance LoveXtreme. Then I bound his hands with gauze, not sure what else to do since they were just a bloody mess.


znd Kelvin is one of the perks of this new life. Elder and the Youngest [Unmated at Midnight]. Walking off it, I went straight back to my bedroom and into the bathroom. Janet Fortenberry rated it really liked it Jul 23, The Trials of Gregg Lost Shifters Also writes under Flynn Eire.

Beck has a condition of his own before hell come back to work.

Certainpov rated it liked it Dec 07, I urgently thought of what to do, anything to make this better. As fans of this series know, Jooyee is a lust demon who has just faced a major betrayal and has withdrawn into himself, leaving his friends in the position of feeding him to keep him from going to hell. Other books in the series. Mick had officially left the building as his body went limp and eyes closed. Here we finally find out how Mick takes the news and deals with the aftermath of Alex but we see how Beck feels.

Qnd him down, I went back into the bathroom to get a few towels and wet washcloths. I am bummed cause I really wanted to like this one: It stayed wonderful all the way thro Ray rated it liked it Sep 07, He did it for money. Nadine Linter rated it it was amazing Jan 08,

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