The Orthodox Church has ratings and reviews. Pat said: This is one of the most honest history books I’ve ever read. Ware sugarcoats neither Eas. This book is a general account of the doctrine, worship and life of Orthodox Christians by the author of the now classic THE ORTHODOX CHURCH. It raises the. “Patmos and its Monastery,” Eastern Churches “A Conference on the Problems of the Orthodox.

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Unity is not maintained from without by the authority of a Supreme Pontiff, but created from within by the celebration of the Eucharist. Fromthen, the German missionaries were expelled and the filioque was heard no more in the confines of Bulgaria. This was a fascinating read about the history and beliefs of the eastern orthodox church.

Excerpts from the Orthodox Church by Bishop Kallistos Ware

The Orthodox Church is not as much given to making formal dogmatic definitions as is the Roman Catholic Church. This was assigned reading for a course I took in my undergrad, and I have read it almost annually since.

Five years earlier, inthe newly-elected Pope Sergius IV sent a letter to Constantinople which may have contained the filioquealthough this is not certain.

Icons help Orthodox to look on the saints not as remote and legendary figures from the past, but as contemporaries and personal friends. It’s odd that someone with such a firm grasp on history can still claim that the Orthodox church practices Christianity as is was practiced during the age of t Great overview of the Orthodox churches; there’s not much to complain about.

Humbert refused; and it was dropped in the street. Until recently, used only at Jerusalem and on the Greek Island of Zante; now revived elsewhere e. But to this day there exist Nestorian Christians who cannot accept the decisions of Ephesus, and Monophysites who cannot accept those of Chalcedon.


It is significant that Stabat Materin the course of its sixty lines, makes not a single reference to the Resurrection.

Byzantium and the west chiefly the Germans were both launching great missionary offensives among the Slavs see pages The history of the Orthodox Church was fascinating and detailed, the faith and worship section understandably limited to conveying Orthodox theology and practice, and not defending or explaining it in minute terms.

Orthodox belief on these points is contained mainly oryhodox the prayers and hymns used at Orthodox services. Certainly, we shall only be fully deified at the Last Day; but for each of us the process of divinization must begin here and now in this present life.

Yet, there’s too much about Rome and the East that doesn’t sit easy with me, their absolute rejection of a female priesthood for example, so kalllistos even if some of their claims compel me, I’m not sure I could ever align myself with them.

Take for example the words of Emperor John Tzimisces: Saint Seraphim is the best known, but by no means the only instance of this. Bishop Kallistos’ companion book, The Orthodox Way, provides an even greater understanding of the Church’s theology. In Greek theology the distinction is very clearly marked: Protestantism is nothing more than a reaction to kaloistos claims of unilateral authority given to the Pope, yet this is not how the ancient Church functioned.

Ware has written another book, The Orthodox Churchwhich is something of a companion piece that should probably be read firstthat goes into the history of Orthodoxy. Just a moment churfh we sign you in to your Goodreads account. The old empires were in no state to resist them” H. A wealth of texts drawn from theologians and spiritual writers of all ages accompanies Father Ware’s presentation.

Between the two there was a “symphony” or “harmony,” but neither kllistos exercised absolute control over the other.


Orthodoxy, while regarding the Church as the authoritative interpreter of Scripture, does not forbid the critical and historical study of the Bible, although hitherto Orthodox scholars have not been prominent in this field.

The dispute remained something of which ordinary Christians in east and west were largely unaware.

Kallistos Ware – Wikipedia

They do not even know how to venerate the church of God. I read this book to broa This book left me wanting more–in a good way! There is much more spirituality and much less western logic. So I’m at work talking to a friend who is gay and we comment on cchurch split in the Episcopal church over a gay priest.

Kallistos (Ware) of Diokleia

At any rate the Spanish Church interpolated the filioque at the third Council of Toledoif not before. All five claimed Apostolic foundation. Now so long as the Pope claimed an absolute power only in the west, Byzantium raised no objections. While I will always take issue with some of the teachings and practices of the Churcb, I say with profound gratitude that I have also learned much from them over the past 20 years.

The Orthodox Church

The Nestorians and Monophysites passed out of western consciousness even more completely than the Orthodox Church was later to do. Never again will I sit in those gatherings of cranes and geese” Letter ; Poems about Himself27, Ware at one point comments that the approach to the sacraments has also been impacted by this view, with over definition on the part of West, reducing them particularly Confession to “mechanical” exercises. There are no “Orders” in Orthodox monasticism.

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