ECS L4VXA2(VC) Computer Equipments Motherboard download pdf instruction manual and user guide. EliteGroup L4VXA2 Motherboard Owners Manuals, User Guides, Instructional Help Documents & Operating Information. EliteGroup ECS L4VXA2 (CDL4VXA2) Motherboard, manual pdf related issues. Get free help, solutions & advice from top EliteGroup experts.

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Hi all, Recently I purchased a new motherboard from Fry’s Electronics, and today finally got around to installing it. Its coupled with a Celeron 2.

It is sitting in DIMM slot 1. When I turn the computer on the monitor doesn’t immediately show anything on the screen, but when it does come up here is what I get: Intel Celeron R 2.

It doesn’t go l4gxa2 that to show any cache. My keyboard definately works, and is hooked directly up to the PC, plus I’ve tested it on another computer. One thing I noticed in reading the manual is that its says “Note: We do not guarantee that all DDR memory modules will work properly with your mainboard.


ECS L4VXA2(VC) Motherboard download instruction manual pdf

Currently, I have the board jumpered as “auto” on the CPU frequency. The other option is mhz, if that has anything to do with it. Has anyone else experienced this problem with the L4VXA2 motherboard? If so, any suggestions?

Thanks in advance to anyone that responds. Robert Marshall, Jan 2, Ask a Question Want to reply to this thread or ask your own question?

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Motherboard will not POST.

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