Friedrich’s pizzeria is called „Tratorria“ by Klaipeda residents and city guests not in vane – this is the title given to the most popular . Pirmiausia, visiems dera žinoti, kad jau ne pirmus metus Klaipėdos miesto. žaidynių zonines varžybas susirinko sportininkų iš Klaipėdos miesto, Klaipėdos, Kretingos, Šilutės, Skuodo ir Rietavo rajonų savivaldybių. Švyturio laikraštis. Klaipėdos Birža, Nemokamų Asmeninių Skelbimų Laikraštis, Klaipėdos Birža, UAB The directory of Lithuanian companies. JSC. Publishing of.

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The restaurant is proud of its kitchen virtuosos — the highest quality chefs Sandra and Valerijus that have been working in the restaurant since its opening. It is klaiipeda known for its own brewed beer that is made following an ancient recipe that grants that the beer will have a unique and rich taste.

It is one of the city representing restaurants! Wonderful cuisine, cosy atmosphere and always helpful staff is waiting for you.

The Memel beer brewery is on the first floor of the restaurant together with the grand bar and the large balconies. It is located close to the river Dane, many museums, hotels and art galleries are reachable by walking distance.

Klaipėda Restaurants

At the moment Memel brewery brews light, dark and unfiltered beer. During various festivities the terrace is a wonderful place to watch performances that are held in the square. We offer a heap of various appetizers with our wines: We value our workers klaipead know about wine more than about themselves.

Good European kitchen, cosiness and pleasant service is guaranteed. Cosy pub style interior reflects a very particular mood.

We offer various freshly made salads, soups, traditional fried ribs accompanied by horseradish sauce or the legendary Lithuanian cepelins. Residents and guests of the seaport highly appraised the work of Armenian cooks who prepared traditional Armenian dishes — khashlama a mutton soupkhorovatz, dolma For example, the Queen Louisa roast — quail farced with boletus.


The whole heritage that Argentina is so proud of is preserved in these wines. We are proud of our assortment of teas — we offer to choose not only from the traditional black, fruit, green, white or black sorts of teas, but also try out the healing or especially flavourful tea sorts from Ceylon, India and China.

Have you ever tasted mulberry, dogberry, or pomegranate fruit wine?

Klaipėda Restaurants

The bar has two halls with 70 seats. On the second floor you can find a cosy beer restaurant hall with a bar. To accompany your cup of coffee or tea we will always propose to taste freshly baked buns, pies and cakes made with greatest love. Intriguing offers of the restaurant chef jlaipeda impress even kaipeda pickiest customer, whereas dainty dishes will acquire a special flavour, after you taste some wine delivered straight from Armenia.

Romantic couples, Klaipeda citizens, having dinner together with foreigners friends are often noticed in Viva Lavita restaurant. The wine list features only the best selections from Armenian wine making that has been refined for millennia.

Klaipėdos Birža, Nemokamų Asmeninių Skelbimų Laikraštis, Klaipėdos Birža, UAB

And we appreciate our every customer — either an amateur or a real a gourmet. Video screens show various kklaipeda, sports competitions. Your head will spin from the variety of wines and appetizers. We are proud of our wide wine selection — our assortment consists of almost sorts of wines and other alcoholic drinks.

Appreciate Armenian brandy Ararat, which has already become a legend! The main theme of this restaurant is grilled steak drawing its roots from Argentina. We are prepared to offer you meat not only of the best quality, but also a variety of it: When sunny, sea water changes its colours every 10 minutes.


Especially for this laikrastiw we grow trout and bass in our aquariums that will be prepared by our chefs according to your desires. Cosy authentic interior design will let you feel the true spirit of Armenian hospitality and imagine as if you were relocated to Armenian home, which has kept its traditions, customs, and culinary secrets for millennia.

And we promise you to keep to the golden Argentinean rule that a perfect steak can only be prepared from quality meat. In the evening karaoke competitions and a range of other games are held here and everyone can participate and win various prizes.

Everyone who comes in can see by themselves and show their guests how the beer is brewed and, of course, everyone is invited to taste it. After the pizzeria opened its doors in the real experts of the Italian cuisine appreciated not only the perfect and unique taste of the Italian pizzas, but also other dishes offered — the assortment of Italian home-made pastas, meatloaves, roasts and crepes.

It is a lounge type restaurant setting mood for slow time, watching sunset, floating ships and ferries in Curonian Lagoon while sipping ‘Margaritas’. Restaurant A restaurant with luxurious interior design is a perfect place for a business meeting, romantic dinner, personal celebration, or a formal soiree.

A restaurant with luxurious interior design is a perfect place for a business meeting, romantic dinner, personal celebration, or a formal soiree.

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