A manual on taking large-format nature photographs, written by Pulitzer Prize- winning author Jack Dykinga. The author merges. Landscape master Jack Dykinga’s new “secret” view camera is in the form of a modern After all, he calls it a “secret large-format camera. Buy Large Format Nature Photography (): NHBS – Jack W Dykinga, Watson-Guptill Publications.

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Please login or register. Did you miss your activation email? December 31, Home Help Search Login Register. While he uses Nikon’s the techniques he uses can be applied to other digital formats.

Some stunning imagery in the article. Jadk describes how he did them.

April 06, Thanks, nothing new, it is what many of us have doing for years. Glad he found out about these techniques and agrees with our old finding that stitching can help deliver un-matched image quality.

Now, I feel that you should have posted in the shooting technique category.

This is indeed mostly about stitching. This article caused quite a stir when it came out more than three years ago. Some felt his remarks signaled his departure from Large Format, but he actually said he still shot narure lot of his”fine art” images with the LF gear. The article offered an alternative approach using more accessible equipment when larger prints was the goal.

Stitching is the way to take smaller captures and make quality larger composites. Obviously, much has changed in the past 38 months.

Bernard, Of course it belongs here: Photographh that what this forum is about? Isn’t the technique that Dykinga is describing three years ago essentially what the new Fotodiox Vizelex RhinoCam provides, taking full advantage of the image circle of a medium format lens for a DSLR camera?


Jim Ascher See my SmugMug site: No, no, no, Steve. Medium format digital can’t be dead yet.

Not until we see the same photos that are largs on every thread like this. And sometimes the same photos get posted more than once in the same thread. Because you never can be too sure. Only then can we finally conclude that medium format is dead. Just like what seems to happen on just about every thread now in this medium format digital back forum.

Transforming Large Format – Outdoor Photographer

Gosh, lrage just like all that marketing BS but from the other side. It may be interesting that he choose Nikon and not a technical camera with an MFDB, but my guess is that he started using Nikon for his high ISO work and was satisfied with the results.

Than I guess he found a way of working that gave even better results. Best regards Erik Quote from: FredBGG on April 06, So once Sgilbert and Ken Doo have finished maybe we can discuss what could be done to add to shift lens stitching.

Adapters to mount the lens to the tripod so you can move the camera or camera and back. I think two other things would larg interesting to. A rudimentary stitching function in the backs or cameras 35mm that can give the photographer a quick review of the stitched composition. It would be nice to have this on the LCD of the cameras. April 07, Hi, I think there some lens mount adapters, at least one from Hartblei.

  ICEA P-45-482 PDF

Some TS lenses have built in tripod mount. An intriguing concept may be a automatic stitching back that moves the sensor automatically. Now that lareg have mirror lens cameras with extremely short flange distances those can be adapted to almost fprmat.

Pair that with some Chinese and Korean fofmat and we are going to see a lot of new exiting products.

Learning to See: A Conversation with Jack Dykinga

FredBGG on April 07, JimAscher on April 06, Time to go out and create photos with MF gear, not talk about Nikon gear in this forum. The D was initially exactly like a Mamiya because it had focus issues, unfortunately Nikon seems to have made it unsuitable for professionals with the help of a firmware update Edmund Quote from: If you appreciate my blog posts help me by following on https: ErikKaffehr on April 07, Fred, since when you have become a landscape photographer?

You might be surprised how many of us that actually do this have heard of stitching and know all the ins and out about it.

Seriously, what is the point of this thread? I think the point of the thread is to continue the bullshit debate of how one format is better than another. In other words, more controversy. Time to ignore and move on.

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