merit badge pamphlets are paid for by the Boy Scouts of America in order to bring you the leathercraft supply company, a tannery, a leather goods or shoe. Camping Merit Badge Pamphlet pdf. Adobe Acrobat document Cooking Merit Badge Pamphlet pdf . Leather-work Merit Badge Leatherwork. Status: Elective. Created: Replaced: Leathercraft. BSA Advancement ID: Requirements revision: Latest pamphlet revision.

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When the water is applied to the leather, it must be done evenly to prevent uneven color variations.


Where these occur, we have taken care to explain the reasons for the differences. Who can be a counselor? Using the proper size punch, punch out all of the marked spots.

Again, there are several types available. Vegetable tanned leather is the only type suitable for carving.

Leatherwork – MeritBadgeDotOrg

Setting Hardware – coming soon! Lacquer based – Strong protection, but prone to cracking leatherowrk anything that flexes. Explain to your counselor a. This could be a leathercraft supply company, a tannery, a leather goods or shoe factory, or a saddle shop.

No animals anywhere are raised just to provide hides to be made into leather. To determine the proper belt size, remove the belt that you have on, if wearing one, and measure from the fold over at the buckle end to the most often used hole. Pattern layout and transfer Cutting leather Punching holes Carving or stamping surface designs. Stitching and Lacing – coming soon!

Learn about the commercial tanning process. Finishing Finishing, the next to badg last step in the project, refers to applying color and protective sealant to the leather. This should include items such as function, size, color, mechanical devices snaps, key hooks, rivets, etc.


Then you need to wait until the leather returns to its original color. Once this is done, set the dividers for one inch. Pattern Transfer and Cut Out One of the characteristics of vegetable tanned leather is the ability to readily and evenly absorb water. Describe the safety precautions you will take and the tanning method that you used.

Dyes – Dyes are a coloring agent where the pigments are carried in a solvent that dries slow enough to allow the pigments to penetrate the fibers of the leather. In addition, the solvents can be hard on the oils in the leather, so the project must have a conditioner applied after dyeing to prevent or reduce the chance of cracking.

It has been our experience that when working with youth groups, that the available knives usually aren’t sharp enough, and the youth aren’t experienced enough to do this safely, so we prefer using shears whenever possible. Stamping a design on leather 5.

That’s why vegetable tanned leather is the only type suitable for tooling and carving; no other tanning method gives leather this ability. One training session of 2 -3 hours.

Report about it to your merit badge counselor. We have leathers made from cattle, goats, sheep, ostriches, kangaroos, sharks, rays, eels, and snakes and the list goes on. Lacing and stitching 8.

Boy Scouts of America Merit Badge Leatherwork

However, these are generally non-toxic and can be cleaned up with soap and water. Do ONE of the following: They suggest, again on page 15, that cut out be done with a knife. The leather should be nearly its original color but should feel cool when touched to a soft skin area such as the inner arm.


Once you have this list, you can use it to put together a list of materials to insure that you have all of the needed items available before you start. When you are satisfied with your pattern, you can begin pamphlwt transfer it to the leather. Waxes – These preparations are generally water based and they tend to remain flexible and are fairly immune to extremes of temperature.

Then the handle is gently rotated north, south, east and west and struck lightly in each position to insure that the impression is even to the edges of the stamp. These solutions are composed of extracts from the bark and berries of certain trees and bushes. Then the surface is lightly wiped with a clean lint-free cloth or sponge. Contents 1 Leatherwork merit badge requirements 2 Notes 3 Requirement resources 4 Related awards 5 See also 6 External links. The earliest leathsrwork used the green, untreated hides of the creatures that he slew for sustenance for clothing and as a material in manufacturing his few tools and implements.

The leather should be misted until it is no longer pamphlst immediately. The official source for meerit information shown in this article or section is: This removes the excess antique from the surface area leaving a light shade while leaving a greater accumulation in recessed areas which will appear darker, giving the leatherwogk a pleasing contrast.

The leafherwork of the skin are affected by the chromium salts used in the process, so the leather is usually soft and flexible.

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