TABLA DE MENDELEIEV Ley de las octavas de NewlandsLi6,9Na23, 0K39,0Be9,0Mg24,3Ca40,0B10,8Al27,0C12,0Si28,1N14,0P John Alexander Reina Newlands (; see photo at the Edgar Fahs Smith collection, University of Pennsylvania) was born in Southwark, England. John A. R. Newlands (). On Relations among the Equivalents. Chemical News Vol. 7, Feb. 7, , pp. To the Editor of the CHEMICAL NEWS.

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Between iron and chromium, manganese is the mean. To Newlands, Li to Na is an octave of eight elements, the eighth element repeating the properties of the first: Periodic tablelaw of octaves. This page was last edited on 13 Decemberat In this group vanadium is the mean between molybdenum and tungsten. Thus, in the nitrogen group, between nitrogen and phosphorus there are 7 elements; between phosphorus and arsenic, 14; between arsenic and antimony, 14; and pey, between antimony and bismuth, 14 also.

With the view of economising space I have omitted most of the calculations, which, however, are very simple, and can be verified in a moment by the reader. A Short History of Nearly Everything. I must, however, premise that many of the observations here collected together are well known already, and are only embodied in my communication for the purpose of rendering it more complete. The numbers thus obtained in the different triads correspond to a great extent.

Before proceeding any further, I may also remark, that in the difficult task of grouping the elementary se, I have been guided more by chemical characteristics than by physical appearances, and have, therefore, taken no notice of the ordinary distinction between metals and non-metallics. Potassium is thus the highest term of one triad and lqs lowest term of another. The numbers which I have attached to the various groups are merely for the purpose of reference, and have no further significance whatever.


Cobalt and nickel are identical. This peculiar relationship I propose to provisionally term the newlqnds of Octaves”. He used the values accepted by his predecessors. In this group the first three are identical, or nearly so, and are rather more than ocfavas of the other two.

The differences between the numbers of the other members of a group are frequently twice as great; thus in the nitrogen group, between N and P there are 7 elements; between P and As, 13; between As and Sb, 14; and between Sb and Bi, He was home-schooled by his father, and later studied at the Royal College of Chemistry.

If you know of an interesting periodic table nrwlands is missing, please contact the database curator: However, each sequence of Newlands’ octaves contain only seven elements.

Periodic Table Database | Chemogenesis

LambethSurreyEngland. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Aluminium also is one-half of manganese, which, with iron and chromium, forms sesquioxides, isomorphous, with alumina. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. In ed group, strontium is the mean of calcium and barium.

Queries Comments Suggestions or periodic table representations not shown on this page Suggestions for links Bug, typo or grammatical error reports about this page. It will be observed that the difference between the equivalents of tellurium and osmium, caesium, and thallium, and barium and lead, respectively, is the same in each case–viz.

Highest Term of Triad. The equivalents thus obtained by calculation will be found to approximate those procured by experiment, as closely as can be expected in such cases. In this group, bromine is the mean between chlorine and iodine.



The difference between the highest member of the platinum group, viz. Queries, Suggestions, Bugs, Errors, Typos Now, if the law of “Studiosus” had any real existence, the above facts would resolve themselves into particular cases of its application. SIR,–Many chemists, and M.

It will also be seen that the numbers of analogous elements generally differ either by 7 or by some multiple of seven; in other words, members of the same group stand to each other in the same relation as the extremities of one or more octaves in music.

SIR,– In your impression of the 2nd inst. For the sake of oey, I have employed the old equivalent numbers, these atomic weights being, with one or two exceptions, taken from the 8th edition of “Fownes’ Manual. The incompleteness of the table alluded to the possible existence of additional, undiscovered elements.

Lanthanium and didymium are identical with cerium, or nearly so. Later he quit the refinery and again became an analyst with his brother, Benjamin.

Dumas has pointed out between the members of this group are well known; a slight alteration must be made, owing to the atomic weight of caesium having been raised.

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