Results 1 – 12 of 12 Magical Tattwa Cards: A Complete System of Self-Development by Jonn Mumford and a great selection of related books, art and collectibles. Magical Tattwa Cards: A Complete System of Self-Development (Boxed Kit) by Jonn Mumford at – ISBN – ISBN Magical Tattwa: A Complete System of Self-Development by Jonn Mumford. Format: Paperback. Temporarily unavailable. 5 people are interested in this title.

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Searching for Out of Print Books? You need to open yourself to the possibility of an adventurous journey, either of locality or mind and spirit. Each Tattwa card in the deck consists of three basic components, in terms of color. Its manifestation is sound vibration Shabdayet it is not sound. You could shuffle the deck, asking for the most appropriate element, or tattwa, to mediate upon.

Nature tolerates no empty spaces. Though fortune’s aystem overthrow my state, my mind exceeds the compass ofher wheel. William Shakespeare, Henry VI: Now touch your forefingers together nails toward youparallel, and on level with your eyes. Books Magical Tattwa Cards: Also fertilizing, germination, irrigation, networking, organizing for cooperative work.

What we are dealing with is not frivolous nor synthetic make-believe Yoga meditation. Paperback, pages Publisher: This was a live-in situation, and we had people from all over America attend. This castle hath a pleasant seat; the air nimbly and sweely recommends itself unto our gentle senses.


An interesting moment of brain “jam” is experienced each time you trick your brain into trying to move a non-existent finger; focus on the sensation at that moment. It holds the atoms of form or shape Rupa and therefore can be seen, felt and heard; you can “see” the fire, “feel” the heat of its flames, and “hear” the crackling of the combustion.

It is important to be understanding, and not concern yourself if you do not feel fully understood or appreciated at the moment. At this point your question is “food for thought” and cannot necessarily be solved by fierce reasoning alone. Each succeeding element retains the quality or qualities of the preceding ones. My Ayurvedic teacher, Dr.

Although the geometrical shapes of the tattwas have long been an integral part of the Western Magical Tradition, the flashing colors and their divinatory aspects have never before been available as the complete integral system presented here. Consequently, your ability to get perspective and appreciate this person may be obscured. This combination usually produces friction as its elements are in conflict.

Well, did you get this Great Secret? The first rule I set myself is to discard Sanskrit terms as much as possible.

Magical Tattwa Cards: A Complete System of Self-Development (Boxed Kit) e-book – Mon premier blog

They are fabulous at sorting out your type and treating disturbances of balance. Place the other piece of paper in the bowl or goblet by just gently dropping it onto the surface of the eystem.


Now comes the interesting point, at which we slip from illusion to hallucination. Each Element has a tendency, a Tattwa, a “thatness” which means it has a tendency to always behave in a unique and predictable way.

Read Magical Tattwa Cards: A Complete System of Self-Development PDF Online – video dailymotion

The exercises in Chapter Four are particularly important, indeed pivotal to this chapter. This is a time for emotional reevaluation and attention to details. Water seeks the lowest level, adapts to its container, and exists in a symbiotic relationship taftwa the element Earth. These five Elements are collectively called Tattwas, or those things possessed of “thatness.

Read Magical Tattwa Cards: A Complete System of Self-Development PDF Online

Study your reflection in the mirror. Aspiration Earth congeals, coagulates, and solidifies, seeking to form a firm foundation for the enterprise.

Water can be heard, felt, seen, and tasted.

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